For people losing weight with the Medifast diet, Medifast Recipes offer a great way to spice up your daily food intake.

Since launching in the 1980's, Medifast has been successfully helping people to lose weight. Lately, it has been getting a lot more attention as celebrities like Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer) have recorded testimonials about their Medifast weight loss. It is a quick and painless way to lose weight that utilizes a method called the 5-1 plan. The 5-1 plan consists of pre-packaged foods that you consume 5 times a day. The pre-packaged foods are supplied by Medifast and consist of shakes, soups, oatmel, pretzel sticks, cheese puffs and meal bars. In addition to those 5 small meals, you also consume 1 Lean and Green Meal.

This sounds like a lot of eating. Once you are in the zone, it will feel like you're eating a lot. However, after you've been on the plan for awhile, it's easy to get a little bored by the routine. That's where Medifast Recipes come to the rescue.

Over the years, a very active community has developed around the Medifast program. In addition to being a great place to get support and enouragement, this community has created a whole array of recipes that enhance the Medifast diet and add a lot of diversity to your weight loss journey.

Medifast recipes fall into 2 basic categories: Lean and Green recipes and Recipes that use the pre-packaged foods.

Lean and Green Recipes are a critical part of the Medifast weight loss program. They consist of a portion of meat combined with vegetables and leafy greens. The Medifast literature details the correct proportions of these elements. You will be happy to discover that the serving sizes are very generous. By using Lean and Green recipes you can take a lot of the difficult work out of creating these meals. Yo don't need to worry about proportions or weighing your food. You can enjoy some simple and delicious meals while staying in ketosis.

Medifast Meal-Based Recipes use alterations of the Medifast pre-packaged foods to create surprising new foods. The food scientists that created Medifast shakes probably never imagined that Mefiast dieters would figure out ways to turn Dutch Chocolate shakes into delicious chocolate muffins! The Medifast foods really do provide an excellent starting point for creating your own foods. A wide range of recipes already exist that will allow you to create foods like pancakes, brownies, pizza bread and even hummus.

Medifast has an established track record of weight loss success. Many people stick entirely to plan and experience dramatic weight loss. But if you like a little more variety in your diet, you own it to yourself to experiment with some Medifast recipes.