medifast review

Currently, two of the most talked about diets available on the marketplace are Medifast and Nutrisystem. These two diets attract people for many different reasons, and they both offer users effective ways to lose weight. However, shoppers should consider the differences between these two diets before making a decision about which one they want to try.

Nutrisystem Explained

Nutrisystem is a diet that includes a lot of pre-packaged meals. Users can choose to eat foods like pizza and cookies made by the Nutrisystem company, and they can supplement these items with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. The Nutrisystem company also offers special plans for people who are diabetic, elderly, or vegetarian.

Medifast Explained

On the Medifast diet, people are encouraged to replace their regular meals with special "Medifast meals". These special substitute meals range from scrambled eggs to bowls of oatmeal to healthy shakes. Like Nutrifast, Medifast offers special plans for people who are elderly, vegetarian, or diabetic. The bonus with Medifast is that they also offer special plans for nursing mothers, teenagers, gout patients, or people who have had bariatric surgery.

Similarities Between Medifast and Nutrisystem

As shown by reading articles like the one at, there are several similarities between Medifast and Nutrisystem. Both plans give users the option to buy prepackaged meals, and this saves dieters time on cooking. Both plans encourage their dieters to eat small meals several times a day rather than starve themselves or binge once or twice per day. This fact is consistent with the advice of most knowledgeable nutritionists.

The cost for both Medifast and Nutrisystem is also comparable. Most dieters claim to spend just over ten dollars a day on food regardless of which diet plan they decide to do.

To ensure that these plans truly work, they also offer their members various types of assistance. Regardless of the plan that dieters choose, they will get to access free dietary counseling and online tools. This is in addition to the included guidelines about exercise.


The main difference between the Nutrisystem and the Medifast plans is actually the food that the dieter gets to eat. Both plans offer health options like granola bars, and they both allow their dieters to eat fruit and vegetables from the store. However, dieters on a Nutrisystem plan eat meals that always contain a main dish from the Nutrisystem company. These main dishes can often be accompanied by other items from the store.

Dieters on the Medifast plan, on the other hand, eat five Medifast meals that are not normally supplemented with grocery store items. The final meal of the day on the Medifast plan, however, is a lean and green meal that is made by the dieter themselves.

Medifast and Nutrifast both offer dieters good tasting foods and the chance to lose weight easily. To determine which system is right for them, dieters may want to sample a few selections from each plan.Then, they can safely pick the plan that is right for their dietary needs and their particular taste buds.