In this day and age, nearly everyone experiences stress. A good way to relieve the stress is to learn to meditate. In this article, I will explain what meditation is and some useful classes or places you may like to attend if you are fortunate enough to live Los Angeles.  

What is mediation? It can be described in several ways by different people and through different forms. Here are some thoughts on mediation and what it can do for some people who use it:

Meditation Introduction

Meditation is when someone uses various relaxation techniques that help them to get in tune with themselves and the world around them, as well as reach out to be closer to a higher reality.

It is used to get rid of stress in one’s daily life, as well as to help them to get more energized, to achieve harmony in their lives, to be encouraged, and to lighten their load in life.

Meditation is something that people can do for a short period of time or for the rest of their lives. It is said to help some people to achieve their inner most goals in life and to help them reach new heights in the things they are able accomplish.

Here is some information on some of the top meditation centers or organizations in the Los Angeles, California area that can help you learn how to do meditation.

Los Angeles Sri Chinmoy Centre

Los Angeles Sri Chinmoy Centre in Los Angeles has the motto that meditation is a natural thing and that it is a worthy thing to share with people who truly want to seek out the things that are beyond their current situation and for them to get more fulfillments in their lives.

Sri Chinmoy says that people meditate because the world hasn’t given them the fulfillment they crave. He believes that it is only through meditation that we can achieve a lasting and divine sense of peace. That’s why the meditation classes at the Sri Chinmoy Centre always begin with breathing and concentration methods to help people get into a calm and relaxed state.

The Centre offers free meditation classes in Los Angeles, as well as mediation workshops to learn how to do meditation. The workshops have classes that teach participants to be able to quiet their minds, reduce stress, calm their nerves, be more focused, learn how to deal with difficult situations and people, bring harmony into their lives, and understand the meanings of inner and outer lives and how to meditate safely and correctly.

Classes are held every week and there are three classes, with each building upon the information taught in the preceding one.

KMC California

Another place in the Los Angeles area you can learn how to do meditation is the Kadampa Meditation Center California (KMC). They have weekly classes for beginner, kids, families, and retreats, as well as a gift shop and bookstore.

KMC was developed by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a member of the International International Kadampa Buddhist Union, which has more than 1,000 centers around the globe. Classes are held at several places in Los Angeles and they also offer a welcome video that will show people what the center is all about.

Their classes welcome all attendees from beginner to expert and last for 90 minutes. They use chairs to meditate on during the classes and don’t conduct any sort of physical exercise, so it could be appropriate for people who aren’t necessarily as mobile as others to learn how to do meditation.

Classes begin with breathing exercises, then they go into instructing on ways to get rid of your daily problems, as well as have a session on guided meditation on the day’s topic, and then they have a question and answer session afterwards, as well as some snacks and refreshments.

Class sessions are four to six weeks in length and attendees can pay at the door for each class.

Sahaja Meditation in Los Angeles

The Sahaja Meditation in Los Angeles is yet another place to learn how to do meditation. It is a free, no cost form of meditation that everyone can easily do. This form of meditation was created in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi that is centered on a sort of awakening that each person can achieve in themselves.

It is said to help them through a process to create an inner change that helps them to end up more moral, more united, and more integrated and to have a better sense of balance in their lives. Sahaja mediation is a way of working with the body’s centers of energy, which are called chakras, as well as the body’s system of channels, otherwise known as nadis.

There are seven chakras and each stands for different physical, emotional, intelligence, and spiritual parts of each person and this form of meditation deals with how these are used and how they can be awakened and benefit the person.

They believe that regular meditation helps people better express themselves and to become more confident, as well as more humble and emotional people.

They also believe in three channels of energy: right, left and central. The left, which corresponds to the color blue, stands for a person’s past, as well as their emotions and desires. It also houses the superego and a person’s memories and habits.

The right, which is yellow, is for a person’s actions and plans, as well as their physical and mental activities.  It also houses the ego, which is what separates each person from the rest of the world. Finally, the center is for ascent into a person’s future and is meant to guide them towards a higher awakening.

You will learn about all of this if you attend the Sahaja Meditation in Los Angeles to learn how to do meditation as you study all of this though their free classes in the surrounding areas.

All in all, meditation can be very helpful in today’s stressful world, and learning how to do meditation can be an enlightening and useful experience for all.