Meditating is a simple process that can not only help you with relaxation and developing your intuition, but it is a wonderful tool to help connect you with your spirit guides. Many people have used this easy method and have had great success with it.

Why Meditating is The Perfect Way to Meet Your Spirit Guides

My own spirit guides explained to me that when we meditate, it helps to create a stronger energetic connection between the spirit realm and ourselves. In A Book of Insight, my spirit guides explained that we are all made of energy. They elaborated by explaining it thusly: “We spoke of pure energy, and on a quantum level, when you delve into the tiniest particle that exists, you will reach the energy levels that power all that exists. Strip your body to its tiniest elements, and strip these further to their tiniest levels. When all organic materials break down to the tiniest particle that exists, you will discover the energy behind it all. You will have stripped these elements right down to the conscious energy of the Divine Source.”

And so it is with everything in existence, whether it is in physical form or in spiritual form. It is all energy, and everything in existence vibrates at its very own specific frequency. Each and every one of us vibrates at a frequency that is very specific to us. Just as our DNA physically defines us, our specific frequency defines us on a spiritual level. Our frequency is our energetic blueprint and it is how spirits recognize each other. They recognize one another by vibration.

My spirit guides explained that humans vibrate at a lower level than our spirit guides. Our spirit guides vibrate at a much higher frequency, and in order for them to make a clear connection with us, they must lower their vibration. In turn, we must meet them half way by raising our vibration, and meditating is the practice that allows us to do that.Spirit Guides

Think of it as trying to tune in to a radio station. When you are not properly tuned in, you will encounter static. You must keep moving the dial until you are tuned in to the radio station’s specific frequency. Once properly tuned in, the broadcast becomes clearly audible with no static or interference. The concept is very similar to when we are meditating. Meditating helps us to raise our vibration and gives us better reception by tuning out the static and tuning in our spirit guides’ frequency.

Meditating is a Wonderful Tool to Help Develop Your Intuition

Meditating also plays an integral role in helping to develop our intuition and psychic skills. Remember that we are spiritual beings first and foremost. We are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting physical form, and as spiritual beings, we naturally have intuition and psychic abilities. Our physical selves communicate via verbal language and experience reality via our physical senses, but our true selves; our spirit selves, communicate and experience reality through our intuition and psychic senses.

We have all had experiences where someone we hadn’t thought of in a long time, pops into our mind and shortly afterward, the phone rings and it’s that very person, or perhaps we receive an email from them that very day. This is our intuition at work. Those feelings we get from time to time that we call gut feelings, are the feelings of our intuition. Those feelings are part of an internal guidance system that we are all born with, and often times, those feelings come from our spirit guides as they try to nudge us in a certain direction or point us to a decision that will lead us down our intended path.

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Meditating is a Wonderful Tool for Relaxation

In today's modern world, most of us deal with hectic lifestyles and experience more than our fair share of stress. Stress is one of the main reasons for most visits to the Doctor's office. It is also the leading cause of coronary artery diseases, cancer, some respiratory diseases, and it also affects the proper functioning of our immune system. Something as simple as meditating, can quickly put us in a state of relaxation and help to lower our general stress levels. By taking a few minutes and meditating each day to put ourselves into a state of relaxation, we can greatly influence the positive direction of our health and help to lower our risk of disease as well as reduce overall stress.

Meditating: The Secret of The Ancients

Meditating is the quintessential tool that we have for developing our intuition and for connecting to our inner-selves as well as our spirit guides and teachers in the spiritual realm. This is something that our ancient ancestors were very aware of.

Meditating dates back thousands of years. Our ancestors were much more in tune with the spiritual realm than most of us are today. My spirit guides explained this to me in A Book of Insight; “Your sages and priests of ancient times understood the spiritual connection that meditation provided, and they utilized this tool to connect them with their spiritual guides and Source for the purpose of attaining information and valuable guidance. Liken it to a teacher that awaits upon the student to request guidance and knowledge. These ancient shamans and such, understood that the process of meditation allowed them to commune with ancient masters and guides. They utilized this meditation time to acquire the knowledge that they sought through a connective merging with the Source energy. On this plane, they could receive direct information and knowledge that they could then utilize for the greater good of their people and patients.

This knowledge is available to all that seek it and will take the time and dedication to follow its path. This knowledge is understood on the soul level. It is on a level that we would term as the inner knowing. It has no words attached, for words are utilized by mankind to operate within his three dimensional world. Spirit has no need of words, for knowledge is understood on the level of the soul.”

This knowledge and inner wisdom is available to all who seek it and take the time and dedication required to follow its path. If you are interested in developing your intuition, I would recommend meditating as a daily practice. As little as fifteen minutes a day, is all you need. As you become more serious in your practice, you can raise the amount of time to thirty minutes or even an hour.

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Meditating: The first step to meeting your spirit guides

Close your eyes and allow any thoughts that are present to flow through your mind. Allow them to enter and let them flow without restriction. Do not focus on them, do not entertain them, but just let them flow through your consciousness.

From time to time, you may catch yourself stuck on a thought. When you become aware of a stuck thought, focus on your breath. Breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in, and breathing out. Breathe as you normally would. Don’t try to deliberately slow your breathing down. Breath normally, and just observe your breath. Any time you notice yourself dwelling on a thought, take your focus back to your breath.

In the beginning of your practice you may find that your mind is filled with endless thoughts. Your mind is merely relieving itself of clutter, and with time and practice, these thoughts will become fewer and fewer. The goal is to allow the mind chatter to gradually fade away, until you come to a place of stillness. A place of no thought.

It takes patience and practice to achieve this mental state, and in the beginning you may only have moments of stillness. This is good. In time you will become more accustomed to the moments of stillness and will find yourself accessing them more often. When you are in those moments, you are totally present. You are experiencing a moment of ‘now.’

Once you are in this relaxed state of meditation, remain focused on your breath and continue for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Start to open up your awareness and tune in to any feelings or sensations you may notice.

You might feel a presence and it might be very subtle, you might hear a sound that has no physical source, you might receive symbols or images, I will often get shivers up the front of my thighs, and I have also heard my name called. The important thing is to open your awareness, because sometimes the signs may be very subtle and only noticeable to you in an expanded and aware state of consciousness.

In your mind, ask your guide for a sign. Don’t be concerned if you don’t notice anything. It can take a bit of time and practice before your first contact, but know that your spirit guide wants to make a connection with you. We all have spirit guides and they want to connect with us, so if it doesn’t happen for you right away, don’t despair. Keep trying. Eventually, you will make a connection.

Try meditating for a minimum of fifteen minutes. If you would like to heighten your intuition and work on developing your psychic skills, I would recommend that you meditate every day.