Meditation is a simple thing, but many things in life that are simple are not easy, and meditation is a perfect example.

How hard can it be just sitting? When I tried to meditate at the first time, I switched off the phone, turned off the TV and all the lights in the house, and lit a candle with good incense. Then I tried to force my legs in the pretzel position and sit quietly. The first thing I noticed was that my legs hurt and my lower back was screaming. I could not quiet my mind, and began to remember various disappointing things that I was doing in the past and think about them.

What I learned was that sitting like that is a mistake. Try to sit in the way that is most comfortable for you instead. A dimly lit room and the incense is a good starting point. To begin your meditation, start counting slowly from one to ten with each breath. This will give your mind something to do while it is learning to shut up. Closing your eyes is not necessary. For example, you can get a piece of wood with grain and look at it while meditating.

Sit in front of the wood grain and look at it. Slowly inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and count your breaths. Try to do this for five minutes. Itmeditation (35482)'s okay if your mind can't calm down. Just keep trying.

If you hear distracting sounds of cars, which are riding near your home, or any other sounds heard daily in place, try to hear the birds behind the cars, the wind behind the neighbors, just listen and breathe.

In the next attempt do a step further by setting your timer for 7 minutes instead of 5, and develop the habit of listening to your feelings of hot and cold, hard and soft, and feelings of pressure. Let yourself have time to learn to breathe and congratulate yourself on the fact that you have begun meditating. Don't give up, just understand that it takes a long time to get good in this, but the overall benefits will be huge. The increased power of breathing, a sense of calm, which you can have anytime you need, are all great benefits of meditation exercise.

You can also choose to take advantage of a mantra, or a sound that you hum or say while meditating. Although "Ohm" is popular, you can hum any sound you like. The only clue is the simpler the better. Vocal mantras seem to work better. You can even use a sentence or a part of a poem if it helps, but try to keep it simple.