Cherish your life with meditation

Learn, do and make out the difference

buddha in meditation

I decided to write this article to share my experience I had when I started practising meditation at the age of 15. As a common notion that meditation is for the old and is done for salvation, is completely wrong. You'll realize that once you finish reading my experiences.

I was in class 10 when i learnt about this kind of meditation from a teacher who had left to his just to spread the word of meditation and used to take meditation classes. Even then i was not serious about that and did not recognize its importance until the day i myself did and experienced it. That day was a sunday when we planned to go out when my neighbour had come to our to ask my mom to go with her to a meditation class held in a nearby temple and my mom thought to give it a try though I was in no mood to do a thing which i thought was for the old people who did not have any other work to do except looking for peace and salvation. That day was the day my life actually took a turn even without my knowledge.

My first step towards spirituality

I went to the class and was feeling a little bored to listen to the lecture about cleansing yourself etc stuff. Only thing that was going on in my mind was that my sunday was wasted. At the end of the session, everybody was supposed to meditate for an hour and pleasant music was played and they taught exactly how to do it.

Here's how you do it- "Clasp your hands, squat in a place, close your eyes and simply observe your breath". It is usual that you keep getting thoughts and its difficult to keep concentrating, but once you are determined it then becomes very easy.

Well I had no other option but to sit and do it and no I'm happy that I did it. By the end of the session I felt good and during meditating I could feel some energy going inside me and I visualised lights which were deepening and forcing me to concentrate on them. This was the moment i felt I need to follow this.

After this class I attended many meditation classes where meditation was practiced for more than an hour. I was gaining more confidence in myself and I could feel my attitude was becoming more positive and I felt there was nothing bad in this world and even if  it was there it would never happen to me.I felt a spiritual power was always with me and something protected me from anything bad that could happen to me.

The day I felt my body vibrate! 

pyramid valley in bangalore


"pyramid valley" 

This is the place which gave me a wonderful experience of meditation.It is said that the pyramid can absorb the enormous amount of cosmic energy and when you meditate inside it, the energy flows into your body making you gain the access to your aathma(soul). Once you become the master of your soul you can eventually control your breath and your life! That day when we went to the pyramid valley though the construction was not completed the building was done and only the painting was remaining. We spent the night under the pyramid meditating. This was the experience i can never forget in my life. After around 2-3 hours of meditation, my body starting vibrating itself and I could feel the energy coming into my body.

In that cold night I could feel ny body becoming hotter than before and I could visualise lights in front of my eyes and could feel I was coming in contact with the highest soul what we call 'god'. From that day on I felt someone was around me always and protecting me. I could feel what would happen to me next and most of the times I have even experienced that I have come out of danger that could persist me if I had not been aware of it before.

I had gained so much confidence that even when something bad happened to me I could face it happily and take it in a positive way.

After I learnt and experience it i started telling people to follow it. I'm sure this can make you a changed person too.