Many of us already know the benefits that daily meditation can bring to our lives. Reducing stress is the best reason for incorporating this practice into our day to day activities for it is a powerful tool that brings about immediate and surprising results.

When I first began learning how to meditate I, like many others, found it difficult and frustrating to sit still and quiet my thoughts. The harder we try to do something the more it slips from our grasp and I found this to be true each time I sat down ready to learn deep truths about myself. Instead, thoughts I kept trying to push away would continue to loudly crowd my mind, daring me to try to shut them out. However, as I began to focus on my breathing and just let the thoughts come and go without giving them attention, I could not ignore the changes I noticed in my general sense of peace and other others seemed almost drawn to talk to me or just smile as they passed on the street.

With all it's benefits to our general health and peace of mind it can still be difficult to always work meditation in each day. We cannot always find that time to sit in stillness and I wanted to find a way to integrate the ideas of meditation into my life. I began to experiment with deep breathing throughout my day, finding the simplest moments to just breathe deeply and feel a sense of peace and calm. There are always moments in each day where we must wait and each of these moments can be an opportunity to be still and connect with a deeper part of ourselves, a way to stay grounded in this incredibly stressful world.

As I progressed I began to imagine a white, healing light as a cleansing ritual and that became my best defense. This is something that can be done anytime and anywhere and as I imagine this light surrounding and protecting me I feel much more able to face each challenge and I am always amazed at how beneficial this simple practice has been to my life.

Meditation has became much more prevalent lately in our struggle to became a healthier society and it can be practiced even on our busiest days. I have found that even a few stolen minutes, or even seconds to take some deep breaths and find my center have made such a difference in my life. Everyone has this power and by recognizing it we not only better ourselves, we better humanity.