A Mediterranean style bathroom is elegant but also has a casual feel to it. Plus, it's a style that a lot of other people will relate to. It's a way to do a theme room that is still subtle. You can create your own vacation getaway right in your own home with just a few changes.

Bring in elegance. Most Mediterranean decor focuses on soft archways and curves. If you are doing a complete remodel then consider adding archways around the tub or shower stall for a sophisticated architectural element. If you aren't up for a remodel then think of different ways you can soften the hard edges and straight lines of a basic bathroom. You could even just change out your mirrors for an oval variety. You'll also want to work with either a high end ceramic or stone tile. Keep things light and airy with a travertine tile that you can use on everything from the floors, to the shower, to the walls.

Use beach inspired colors in different ways. When you think of a Mediterranean bathroom you might picture the beach. This is a lot more sophisticated than the basic seashell wallpaper border. You want to create the feeling of an actual gorgeous home in this area of the world. For more of a modern touch play around with aqua mosaic glass tile that will have your whole room shimmering. The paint colors in this room should either be sea inspired or neutral. You can just pull paint colors from your stone for a cohesive design. Depending on the stone you are using there may even be gray, green or blue tones in it. You can also bring in color inexpensively by using ceramic urns as toothbrush holders and cosmetics. Set them on a tray for added importance.

Give an aged appearance to your decor. A Mediterranean bathroom should have a sense of history. You can do this by going with a vessel sink that looks like a bowl instead of a traditional sink. You might want to hang wrought iron elements around the mirror or the wall. Find light fixtures that mimic old lanterns instead of electric lights. You can even faux finish your walls to look like plaster. This allows you to create a specific Old World theme even if your house was built last year.

You'll want to avoid kitschy items like wallpaper murals and instead go for basic feelings and ideas. You could focus in on tile work, lanterns or just the amount of light this kind of room would get. This assures that both you and anyone else who owns the home in the future will love the space. Since bathroom remodels can cost tens of thousands of dollars it's better to create a space that is somewhat versatile and neutral while still giving you the feeling you want.

A Mediterranean bathroom might remind you of your favorite spa or model home. You can create the look on a budget as long as you invest in a few high end elements that will really make your space.