In 2010 there is still an enormously big deal when people decide to pursue and date someone outside their race or culture. It's a taboo subject that still ignites controversy. Reading interracial dating pieces, the comments listed still manage to mystify and stun. A different path will be walked today. This is not to justify or explain interracial dating. This article gives pointers on approaching people outside your race and/or culture. The lack of common sense when it comes to matters of lust…er love is astounding.

Be yourself. Never base your initial approach on stereotypes. Not all African American people know about rap music or really care about Lil Wayne's legal situation. All Caucasian people don't know or care that Carrie Underwood was married this past weekend. Believe it or not, not all of the Latino world keeps tabs on every move Jennifer Lopez makes. When you approach any person, keep topics neutral until you get a feel for the interests of the other person.

Never, ever, EVER tell people about your "to-do" list. Seriously. An exotic air exists when you are dating someone with physical qualities you are not used to. Some people think its appropriate to share their dream list of "to-do" ethnicities. The list is composed of the supposedly varied sexual characteristics of different ethnicities. Approaching anyone in this manner means you want an exotic notch on your belt. This behavior guarantees you will never see romantic action outside your own backyard.

Don't be afraid to experience unique dates. When individuals from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds date it makes for the perfect learning opportunity. Don't limit your dating experiences because you think the other party will not be interested. You guys started dating because your significant other appreciates your unique qualities. Don't deviate from your normal activities. Show your date points from all aspects of your life that make you the great person you are today.

Approaching and dating someone from another race or culture can put you on edge. Questions run through your head pertaining to proper behavior and good conversation starters. A good rule of thumb is to treat people in the same manner you would want to be treated. Every human just wants to be treated in a respectful manner. If someone doesn't "get you," its not an indication of the whole race or culture- it just means that you and that person simply were not meant to be.