Cute Cat Videos of Maru Charm Millions of Online Viewers

If you have ever watched cat videos on the Internet, then you probably know all about Maru the cat. Maru is a joy to watch. For those unfamiliar with this superstar kitty, he's an Internet sensation who lives in Japan. Maru's fame stems from his love of boxes.

Cute cat videos of Maru have been seen by a phenomenal number of online viewers worldwide as video clips of Maru's adorable antics are often uploaded to the web.  In fact, as of June 2011, videos starring Maru have been viewed over 100 million times[2188]. Maru's videos also have a staggering average of 1,000,000 views each[2188].

Maru lives with Mugumogu who posts the videos of Maru. She is his "roommate".  As noted in a USA today article written by Deirdre Donahue, Mugumogu, does not refer to herself as Maru's owner. Maru is nearly five years old and he is a Scottish fold cat, though, his ears do not fold back as do the ears of most Scottish fold felines.

Maru's Appeal

Maru the cat is a plump kitty and a delight to many. Translated from the Japanese language, his name, Maru, even means "round". Maru has many very human-like qualities and tendencies people can identify with and relate to as his personality shines through all his actions and activity caught on video. We all share some of the same good, and not so perfect characteristics, this fun feline displays. Maru is playful and good-looking and yet he is also sometimes awkward and clumsy. 

Mugumogu injects title cards, with comments in English, to state Maru's present traits and preview the ensuing revelry as she is filming video clips. One card reveals Maru is lazy. Another card comments on his weight. A third card hints at the mischief, the floor-sliding, or the box-loving cat's signature playtime set to begin. While Maru may have put on one too many pounds, Maru is nonetheless adorable and he is always amusing.  Perhaps, he is all that much more endearing because of his less than perfect traits.

Beyond Cat Videos on the Internet

Mugumugo’s channel on YouTube is the 7th most subscribed YouTube channel in Japan[2188]. Elsewhere on web, Maru's popularity and charm extends beyond cute cat videos. I am Maru, a book about this famous kitty, went on sale in Japan in 2009.  Likewise, in August 2011 in the U.S., a bilingual edition of the book, went on sale on for U.S. fans. Maru has gained a worldwide following. The funny feline also has a social media presence on the World Wide Web with a Twitter feed and a Facebook page.

Maru and Boxes

Maru and boxes are like peanut butter and jelly. Maru's name is practically synonymous with boxes. Search google and the words Maru and boxes comes up in the same phrase as Maru's name.

Maru likes any kind of boxes and will squeeze into any he is given. It may be a small food container or a bigger box like a moving box. Much like any feline, Maru is a curious and even mischievous. My favorite cute cat videos of Maru showcase Maru's love for boxes and feature this funny kitty sliding into particularly small boxes.

I am Maru

What is it About Maru That Captivates You?

I love Maru for his simple enjoyment of sleeping, playing and just being cute. He is cute just to look at and admire. What is it about Maru that captivates you?

Maru's cute moments make viewers smile and laugh. How many of us share that same ability to so successfully charm and endear ourselves to others?

Maru certainly does. He has the admirers to prove it. If you enjoy cute cat videos and or just watch cat videos on the Internet, only every so often, don't miss the wonderful Maru the cat.


Where to Find Maru and Other Cute Cat Videos

Watch Maru dive delightfully into boxes or slide across the floor on Mugumogu's channel on YouTube or on any one of the many popular cat blogs or cute animal blogs such as, I Can Has and Boing This superstar cat is a heavily featured on these blogs and websites. Maru has his own official websites and web presence, too.

Maru on the Web:

  1. @MaruTheCat on Twitter
  2. Maru’s YouTube Channel
  3. Maru's blog - I am Maru
  4. Maru the Cat (Athlete) is on Facebook
  5. I am Maru the book sells on here

Take a break from a tough day or just take a quick break to enjoy a cute glimpse of Maru for any reason. Share one of his cute video clips with your kids. Maru video clips make great cute and funny cat videos for kids. There are countless hilarious cat videos on the web but few as amusing as the ones starring Maru. Maru reigns on the web and his videos are among the best cat videos on the Internet without a doubt.

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