Paramount Group, a company in South Africa, has developed an armored SUV for military and civilian purchase. This thing looks like it just swallowed an H3 Hummer (more like 10 H when you consider it costs like half a million dollars.) Recently, the marauder has appeared on the hit show, Top Gear, where co-host Richard Hammond tore up the streets of South Africa, literally.

red paramount marauder from top gear

The Marauder is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Normally, I can't stand such flashy overbearing vehicles but come on, who could resist wanting to drive this monster? This 15 ton beast can drive through buildings, survive 7kg of plastic explosives, and can resist all sorts of heavy gunfire just short of artillery fire (it even protects against harmful lions.)2 lions laying on a paramount marauder

  • Crew                                  2  + 8-10
  • Payload                            5,000kg
  • length                               20 ft
  • Width                                8 ft
  • Height                               9 ft
  • Engine                              6-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel
  • Top Speed                          70 MPG
  • Horse Power                       224/300 bp
  • Torque                               801/1100 Nm

The Marauder was showcased in the season première of the 17th season of Top Gear. Richard Hammond was quite impressed with the marauder as he took it off-roading, crashed it through a couple of walls, and then followed everything up by detonating 3kg worth of explosives under it. After the smoke cleared Richard Hammond was able to start the marauder and drive it out of the crater created by the blast (although the explosion did manage to blow out a tire.)

Top Gear was able to obliterate an H3 Hummer with the same explosives that failed to destroy the marauder.

The Marauder was designed as a high mobility armored personnel carrier. The key to the marauder lies in its versatility, there is no where the Marauder can't go. It has been perfectly engineered to counterbalance it's weight making it the ultimate off-road SUV. The Marauder has enough torque to win tug of war with a tow truck (as also proven by Richard Hammon in Top Gear.) Basically, this is the baddest urban assault vehicle around. Although, with the half a million price tag you'll have to be a gangster rapper to pay for the damn thing. 

paramount group's marauder equipped with a turret armorment The interior isn't quite as flashy as the price tag would have you believe. But, the fun of the Marauder comes with its customization. The marauder can be equipped with light to medium caliber machine gun turret's, cannon turret's, and missile launchers. The interior can be fit with various control systems to compliment any weapon customization, as well as advanced surveillance systems.

The Marauder is a marvel to behold, but sadly its high price tag will keep it from reaching its potential. If the marauder would lower the price tag it could easily replace the soon H3 Hummer. It may be a gas guzzling behemoth but who could resist driving this street tank around.

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