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Meet the Cast of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a television show that examines the life of some really geeky and somewhat anti-social scientists; and their interaction with other people (especially Penny who is also featured on the show). The humor is great in that it is not "cruel" towards nerdy and geeky people (like myself), but it really highlights just how naturally funny a lifestyle like this can be. The characters are played by great and talented actors, who showcase their skills in each episode. You are sure to laugh hysterically while you watch this show. In this article, I hope you can "Meet the Cast of the Big Bang Theory" in a whole new way: in the form of mini-biographies. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know who your favorite character is as well, I'd love to hear from you!

Kaley Cuoco - Penny

Bringing that "certain cornbread vigor" to the show is Kaley Cuoco, particularly well known for her good looks and blonde haired ditziness; she provides an excellent balance to the other characters in the show who would be written off quickly as "nerds." Penny does not have her PhD, or even a college degree; and as a result we get to see her interaction with the "guys" from episode to episode. She is well known from TV series predating The Big Bang Theory including 8 Simple Rules and Charmed. Of course, her rise to fame heavily increased once she was introduced as one of the main characters in Big Bang Theory.

Johnny Galecki - Leonard

Born in Belgium, Johnny is not a particularly well known actor (well, of course until his debut on The Big Bang Theory). He had a role on the television show Rosanne, but most of his other acting moments are easy to miss and few and far between. In the Big Bang Theory, he plays Leonard, the sort of "neutral" nerd character who has an on and off love life with Penny (Kaley Cuoco). In real life, they actually did date for a while; though that ultimately did not work out.

Jim Parsons - Sheldon

Just about everyone's favorite sitcom actor and character at the moment, Jim Parsons was born and raised in Texas (much like his character Sheldon!). He is well known for his very quirky performance as Sheldon, which boosted his fame dramatically. He is theatrically trained and has been featured in a large number of plays. His acting abilities have been made official by winning multiple big name awards, including a Grammy.  This actor and character has single handedly made being a "nerd" a very cool thing, as well as all nerd related hobbies like comic books, superhero fanboyism, video games, among other things. He is socially awkward, but downright fantastic!

Simon Helberg - Howard

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Somon Helberg brings a rather strange form of humor to The Big Bang Theory television show. He is honestly my favorite character on the sitcom, and for good reason. His character is one with sex constantly on the mind, and he tends to believe that he is a greater lover then he actually is. He also lives with his mother, which adds to the humor of his character. Simon himself is a rather interested and talented artist, working on a variety of TV shows and movies; as well as having a black belt in karate and being a professional pianist.

Kunal Nayyar - Rajesh

Adding that "ethnic" vibe to the show is Kunal Nayyar, who plays the character Rajesh on The Big Bang Theory. Much of his acting is dependent on his ability to use body language to express his humor, as opposed to talking because his character suffers from a disorder in which he is unable to talk to women unless he has alcohol. Kunal was born in London, England; but shortly after moved to India with his family. He is most well known for his role on The Big Bang Theory (not surprisingly), but he fits very well into the shows atmosphere.

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite television shows on today. I currently own all of the season DVD's, and am able to watch them over and over again because the humor is just perfect; and not too raunchy as so many sitcoms have become these days. The show is great for just about everyone, with viewers coming in at very young ages; to much older ones as well. The characters highlighted in this article are the primary characters in all of the seasons, though some additional characters and actors are added in later seasons of the television show. I would highly recommend checking this show out if you have not, and I hope these mini-biograpies prove to be useful in your understanding of these actors and characters.