Online dating has become a mainstream thing. It's the in thing. Think of it as going to a bar where all the girls know what they are looking for. You don't have to have those shy moments. You can say whatever you want . You can try anything without the fear of losing her, after all you have so much to choose from.

There is a small catch however, sometimes photos look better than the real person. I know many times when I went to meet a beautiful chick I met on Facebook only to discover she wasn't half as hot. I have come to believe that the ugliest chicks are most beautiful on Facebook. If they don't use somebody elses picture, they make sure theirs look very good.

That should however not scare you from finding love online. You should use pictures as a guide and not completely trust them. Also try webcam chat, I am sure she won't get a model to chat with you on her own behalf. If you meet somebody and you are no longer interested just say it. Life is short, don't waste your time with people you don't love.

You also have to know how to find nice girls. They never email you first, never make the first moves. If she does she must be very desperate or isn't much in the looks department. Well if you are a Brad Pitt look alike you are excused. Beautiful chicks looking for dates get tones of emails from guys who want to pick them up. I doubt whether she will have time to notice you.

Starting a conversation with a person online is a bit hard the first time. You know so little about each other. You have to be a little funny. Not much, girls don't love clowns. Stuff like 'where do you come from?' may sound boring but add a little humour to the conversation.

Get to know somebody before you meet them. Not all beautiful girls are nice people. You might be surprised how many of them can be nagging, desperate etc. You don't want to meet a girl who doesn't want to let go.

Make sure you move the relationship where all real relationships belong; offline. The longer you wait, the more difficult to get the girl.

All the best in finding the love of your life. Trying online dating will save you lots of time and money.If you don't you will never know what you are missing.