So you have finally move in, and all of your personal belongings are unpacked (hopefully), your lights are turned on, and you can sit back and relax on your couch. Now if your like most renters and want to take advantage of everything you can while your in your new apartment home, you might want to make friends with some of your new neighbors. But there is a certain strategy you might want to use in order to make both of you comfortable. We have listed some ways that you can make your neighbors more friendly in your new home.

Just Say Hello

Just go up to their door, knock, and say hello. You can use this tactic in the beginning right when you move in. Most of the time if someone sees boxes going forth they may come out and say hello to you. Remember to keep the initial conversations short and terse. Ask general questions like where is the closest grocery store, dry cleaners, or where you can buy some furniture thats not too expensive. This also is a great approach rather than to have bang on their door because the music is too loud.

Make Use of Apartment Amenities

Usually apartment homes will have plenty of amenities like a fitness center, a resort style pool, or other events where tenants gather. You don't have to get into deep conversations with them, but by saying hi can certainly break the ice if you do run into each other again. Many apartment communities will have bulletin boards that broadcast social events for the community. Don't be shy and attend them if you can.

Be Safe When When Meeting Others

Be safe when you meet new people. Its fun to meet new people but be careful how much information you share with strangers. Also understand that some neighbors may be weary of you. Thats why its always easy to have a conversation with someone in neutral ground.