It's hard being alone. It's exacerbated during the holiday season with all the parties. If you're on that frustrating search to meet the love of your life, but don't have any idea where to go, keep reading for hints on the best spots to meet him or her.

Maybe the reason why you haven't met your soul mate yet, is that you might be trying in the wrong spots. All the obvious ones like club and bar venues are really places you want to avoid - that is if you are looking to find a long-term commitment. Most people you meet in such locales are not looking for a long term commitment. Even though there are exceptions, they are rare.

So in what places do you have a good chance at meeting your true love?

1. Group outings. The surest place to look for love is during group activities, such as bowling, nature walking, or football. That may be because occasions like this are less scary than a date and you'll also feel the benefit of getting to know several new people in a group atmosphere. Grab chance by the horns next time you're offered to join to a group outing. You might just meet the love of your life while hanging out with like-minded people.

2. Gym. Gyms give exposure to many new folks. People are there to exercise so it's easy to start a conversation with that somebody you have your eye on by asking him or her relevant questions such as yoga class schedules or about a class instructor.

3. Coffee shop. The coffee shop is the place everyone is today. Most people go solo so it's a less imposing way to begin a conversation with a stranger. Sit with him or her and open conversation by offering a coffee drink.

4. Hiking. A lot of singles enjoy the adventure of hiking. If you are one of this group, go out and find them. The best part is that you always have things to discuss when you are out in nature. If you're feeling nervous, just question them about the hiking trail and how long it took them to finish it.

5. At work. Disregard this if your employer has a regulation prohibiting office romances. Still, if you can, searching for your life partner at work usually makes work a lot more entertaining!

6. Places of worship. Churches provide a myriad of activities that get members to get to know one another. If you are a member of a church, always sign up for group events to improve the chances of running into another with the same religious belief as you.

7. Social networking arenas. Twitter and MySpace are social networking sites. At neighborhood social networking settings you can talk to people one on one. In addition to furthering your business contacts, you can also meet new people and potential love interests.

8. Cultural occasions, like poetry readings, art shows, or symphonies are fun places. In addition to meeting new persons, you will also enjoy yourself, learn something new and seem more interesting to potential suitors once they get to know you.

9. Take a class. If you are in college, you'll find a myriad of great opportunities to talk to new people at school. If you're out of school, think about taking a class in subjects you enjoy such as dancing or photography. You might find your true love and learn how to prune your roses all in one week.

10. Online dating sites. These days the most convenient and most popular way to meet other people without partners is through online web dating. Ask your co-workers and relatives. It's likely you know a person who's had success with this.

In life you can find your Mr. or Ms. Right almost anywhere. You have a better than average chance at meeting your soul mate. Just be open to it, ready for it, and available to let it happen. Make yourself visible, as presentable as you can, and let people know of your availability. You just don't know when you'll run into the right one; walking in your local park or at a book signing, so live it up and be on the lookout for love!