So you've been wearing clothes all your life, hopefully. By now you've gotten used to the feeling of being covered in cotton and denim. Anyway here are a few pointers so that you'll be sprawling with good looks. Just remember you'll never be as charming as me so don't let that get you down.

What should you wear?

Nobody can really tell you what you should wear because the clothes have to kind of match a personality. Learn from yourself - watch others, shop until you see things you like. To start it off, get yourself some decent jeans, sneakers, polos, tee shirts, and collared shirts, because they suit every male just fine. Almost like a rite of passage.

Clothes that every man should have in his wardrobe

This is not a definitive list. Obviously it's just a guideline, so take from it what you will.

  • Jeans. Ever since man was created, jeans have always been jeans.
  • Khakis. With flat front. If you are a slob, then you might opt for stain guard.
  • T-shirts. For those days where you are too hung over to do up buttons.
  • Polo Shirts. For yachting down at the pier... or just because.
  • A fall jacket, and a winter jacket.
  • Some casual Blazers.
  • One black tie. Optional: one tie with a cartoon character on it.
  • Sneakers. Purely for sneaking.
  • A pair of black dress shoes, and a pair of brown dress shoes.
  • A brown belt, and a black belt (so people know you kick ass).
  • Two or three white dress shirts, four to five light and dark solid color shirts.
  • 8-10 ties in complementary colors, simple patterns or stripes.
  • One black suit, one charcoal gray suit, or one navy blue, and one lighter colored suit in a lightweight material for summer.
  • A pair of sunglasses, a nice-ish watch, and a leather wallet.
How can you find clothes that fit you?

When you wear well fitting clothes, you do not become more noticeable. When you wear ill fitting clothing, it makes you stand out like a sore thumb. The idea is to wear your clothes as small as possible without being too small. It might be a hard concept to accept firstly, because perhaps it isn't as comfortable as wearing baggy clothes, it remains important. T-shirts must not be billowing around your arms or waist, and they should not hang past your pockets. Wear pants that do not require a belt to stay on, and your pant cuffs should rest on or just above your shoe. Your clothes shouldn't hang loose or sag on your body.

Here is an example of a terribly fitting T-shirt:
ill fitting shirts

This is how a T-shirt should fit:
fitting t shirt

No slack around the arms or waist.