When it's time to turn in for the night, it makes sense to have some sort of light on so you don't bump into things. However, lamps and ceiling lights are often too powerful for you to sleep under. A nightlight provides just the right amount of light so you can see around the room, but not enough to distract your sleep. In addition, some night lights offer colorful light displays which are perfect for lulling children to sleep. The Megabrite color-changing night light does just this. It changes between seven different colors at night, and even has a light sensor for automatic operation.

A night light can make children feel more comfortable in their rooms. The Megabrite light adds another dimension to this comfort by using soft changing colors. It does this by using several LED light bulbs in alternating Megabrite Night Lightcombinations. There are two modes to the light. In the first mode the light alternates between colors endlessly. Another mode allows users to stop the light on their favorite color, something that children will love for sure. The LED light bulbs are very energy efficient and long lasting. They have a lifespan of around 100,000 hours, enough to last many years.

The built in light sensor eliminates the need to turn the unit on and off as the day changes. The light automatically knows when it is day or night, and turns on appropriately. The crystal design of the mount is quite appealing to people of all ages and can be comforting while observing it. It is also safe for children to touch it, as the light generates very little heat. Simply plug the device into any home wall outlet for immediate use. It can be left in the wall at all times or switched between rooms. The Megabrite color changing light sets the perfect mood for home lighting. The Megabrite system is for indoor use only and is not suitable for use as outdoor lighting.