Disappointed that Tina Fey Wasn't as funny as Jonah Hill and Will Ferrell. Yet, I love Despicable Me with Steve Carell

Megamind is about an alien with a devious mind who finally is able to rule over Metrocity. When he gets hold of the enormous power that he yearned, he finds other things to care about.  He evolves to be more sensitive towards others and as a result, he has a more mature mindset.  He ended up understanding how he didn’t treat his minion as well as he could have.  Just like in many other movies, the protagonist forms a crush on a lady.

A DreamWorks Presentation

As you see spectacular 3D animation on this DreamWorks movie, you may laugh a lot. I sure did from the beginning to the end.  I shall give credit to both Will Ferrell and Jonah Hill for that.  Nonetheless, it is sad that I felt Tina Fey’s performance was subpar.  I think it’s not due to her not being funny.  It’s the character that she used her voice for wasn’t hilarious.  The fictional character was the type of person you want your children to spend time with; a good person who does the right thing and doesn’t have any emotional baggage.

Megamind Character Wasn't as Good Gru

Overall, Megamind wasn’t as good as another animated movie that also came out in the theatres in 2010, Despicable Me, with Steve Carell lending his voice for the protagonist, Gru.  I was excited to write a review about it sooner than later.  I wanted to share both my thoughts about it and my perceptions of what I saw.  I even recommended the movie to a fellow InfoBarrel writer, LoveSpaces.  In contrast, I took my time writing this article.

What I Noticed

The movie Megamind showed it is not a good habit to judge a person by his/her looks. The person, or thing, being a victim of it is the protagonist.  The name of the alien is also Megamind. While growing up with Earth-like beings young children treated it without much respect for it. Metro Man, on the other hand, with his good looks, didn’t had any problems with bullies while growing up.