When it comes to technological advancements, security is an ever changing field. Security technologies are becoming more and more cutting edge. Constant new developments continue to surface, each being smarter and more sophisticated than the last.

Security technologies are created to give people peace of mind. One piece of technology that truly gives its owners piece of mind is the surveillance camera. Phoenix security authorities believe that security cameras are highly popular because they are the only security technology that acts virtually like a second pair of eyes for its owners. Surveillance cameras are powerful security features because they can keep an eye on a property at all times, and because they can be accessed remotely from just about anywhere in the world by their owners.

Home security systems Phoenix experts believe that surveillance technologies will be the new wave of the future when it comes to security. Megapixel and HDTV cameras are one of the latest updates in surveillance camera technology. While the technology is incredibly impressive, creating high resolution streaming images, it is not necessary suitable for everyone's purposes, according to Phoenix security authorities. Depending on your security needs and the environment in which you will have your surveillance camera, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before deciding to invest in a higher resolution security camera.

Phoenix security experts pinpoint two main things that people should think about when it comes to megapixel and HDTV cameras. These two things include the lighting situation where they plan to place the camera, and the amount of storage space they have to archive high resolution footage.

Lighting Situations
This is the number one thing that you must think about. Higher resolution cameras create very clear, vivid images, but they really only perform at top level when used in places where there is a lot of lighting. This makes them ideal for places like offices, schools, and so on. Phoenix security officials state that the reason they work best in heavily lighted environments is because they typically have smaller pixel sizes than standard resolution cameras. They have more pixels than standard resolution cameras but they are still the same size as regular cameras, so manufacturers have to reduce the pixel size to get more pixels per area. Having smaller pixels causes the cameras to be less light sensitive, which means that they do not perform as well in low-light situations, according to Phoenix security experts.

Storage Capacity
The next thing you must consider is how much storage space you are willing to buy to keep archives of high resolution video footage. High resolution means larger images sizes. Phoenix security experts state that hi-res cameras work well for live feeds if you do not have the space to store footage. However, most people like to record and keep archives of their footage so you will need to invest in more storage space if you invest in a megapixel or HDTV security camera.