An Artist Rich in Talent

Background of the Artist

Before Mei Mei Chang received her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Ohio University, she did a lot of painting during her early childhood years living in Taipei, Taiwan.  Back then she would get inspirations to create by looking at landscape, packs of street dogs, and unique faces that her family and people around the big city show.  Painting was and still is Mei Mei Chang’s way to release emotions.  It also was her mode of analyzing and connecting to the world.

After getting her Graduate Degree, Mei Mei Chang was a resident artist at both Great River and at Vermont Studio Center.  She uses her skills of various media to connect to her internal and external worlds.  She’s been studying the human psyche during her whole life; she is fond of the mind’s ability to capture details that are big and small without any limitations.  There are symbols from her mind that assist her in creating rich visual images that are both highly personal and reachable by all.

The Process for Mei Mei Chang

Mei Mei Chang has her unique habits that help her get creative with her imagination and thoughts. At times she meditates beforehand, burn an incense, and was her hands. Whenever she’s really ready to paint, she shuts everything out and ends up forgetting to eat, lose track of time and space.  Soon the intensity of her emotions takes over, and she just unloads all of her feelings onto the canvas.  She states painting for her can be an extremely intense process.

Mei Mei Chang doesn’t need and doesn’t want to listen to music while painting because the sounds from it blocks out her inner rhythm.  Yet, she can sketch practically anywhere, including on public transportation.  What she does need are intriguing patterns, designs, etc. that piques her interest about an object.  She states it can be someone’s scarf on the subway, a shop girl’s cornrows, a pattern on a leaf, or a certain that look her son, Audric, shows to her. She finds a way to get special attributes from everyone and everything that she encounters. She would keep those attributes in her brain, and may end up be useful whenever she paints. Though, she doesn’t try to remember her encounters.

Approach is Emotional and Intuitive

Mei Mei Chang has strikingly noticed her artistic process is very intuitive and emotional.  As oppose to take particular set of ideas to work on, she uses her instincts to decide what pieces of information that she will utilize to create her artwork.  Life is quite similar to art that it also goes on a journey without knowing everything.  From her paintings, Mei Mei has learned to either follow her own voice or question her voice.  She sees the emotions that have come from her transferring onto her canvas.  She would make any necessary changes from her pieces of information by deconstructing and digesting them.  For her, painting is similar to writing on a diary.  Just like some individuals would write about people in their lives, people they see while going out, and describing the relationships, Mei Mei would use those information while doing some painting.  She would also describe other people’s degree of humanity, and either how humans connect with each other or don’t communicate.

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