Using natural supplements like melatonin for sleep are some of the most effective ways to treat insomnia naturally. Insomnia can be caused for quite a few reasons. Stress, depression, anxiety, illness, or suffering from health problems can be some of the few reasons why one is prone to lack of sleep. Everyone requires a good amount of sleep. Depression and insomnia are the most common causes. However, sometimes just not sleeping consistently unbalances your body and mind. Melatonin supplements won't just help with sleep, but will improve your mental health as well. Down below you can learn a little more about melatonin supplements for sleep, and whether or not its a sleeping aid that's for you.

How Does Melatonin Help with Sleep?

Melatonin is a small gland that's located in our brain. It helps to control our sleeping and waking cycles. In fact, melatonin is largely triggered by light. Do you ever go to the movie theater, and either fall asleep watching the movie, or come out of the movie theater feeling tired? Well that's because our brain produces more melatonin when its dark. When there's light, it then lowers the production of melatonin. According to researchers, children have the highest amount of melatonin, and as we age it begins to lower more. Melatonin supplements are very rare for children. If a child is having sleeping problems, then mental or physical health problems might be causing them insomnia. Before you decide to give them melatonin supplements as a sleeping aid advise a doctor first. According to studies, children can develop seizures if their melatonin levels become too high from supplements.

Melatonin supplements in general should be consulted with your doctor if you have a long history of health problems. Studies have been linked to melatonin helping those who suffer from jet lag, and sleeping problems due to working nightshifts. Melatonin supplements might help those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder. Melatonin hasn't been proven to, but it might help with certain mental illnesses as well. There's some studies that also suggest that it can also assist in slowing down the aging process, boost the immune system, along with preventing cancer. It might also reduce symptoms of IBS with regular use of melatonin supplements.

Melatonin Side Effects

There are some side effects, but they're pretty harmless since supplements are low in dosage. According to the recommended dosage is 1-to-3 mg right before bedtime. Although up to 5 mg is considered safe. Some of the melatonin side effects might include dizziness, fatigue, headaches, vivid dreaming, diarrhea, and nausea. You should always consult with your doctor before taking if you are on any prescribed medications.

Foods High in Melatonin for Sleep

You don't have to just rely on supplements for increasing your levels of melatonin for better sleep. Eating food sources containing a good amount of melatonin for better sleep can help. Foods like walnuts, grapes, sunflower seed, celery, tomato, ginger, bananas, oats, and fennel seeds contain good sources of melatonin.

Where to Buy the Best Melatonin Supplements for Sleep

Natrol Melatonin Supplements - These are one of the easiest melatonin supplements for sleep to find online, or maybe in local stores as well. They're pretty cheap as well. The tablets contains 3 mg of melatonin along with vitamin B6 that helps to produce normal sleeping cycles for those with insomnia. It's organic and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals that provide long-term harmful effects on the body. It costs about five bucks online at walgreens for 120 tablets, which is a pretty good bargain. These are some of the most popular and very best melatonin supplements you'll find online.


Natrol Melatonin Supplements

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Sleep Right Melatonin Supplements - If you need a bit of a higher dosage, then 5 mg  is the very highest you should go according to mayoclinic. Taking 5 mg up to two years is okay for those with extreme insomnia. Sleep Right has one of the best sleeping aids out on the market. It's perfect for anyone experiencing stress and a lot of mental tension in their lives as well. It's gotten practically a perfect rating on amazon. The bottle comes with over 200 tablets. If you're stressed, depressed, and having a hard time sleeping, then these are highly recommended for adults to use. They're a little more expensive, but they should last awhile.

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Source Naturals Melatonin Supplements - Source Naturals is a highly recommended supplement brand to take as a sleeping aid. These melatonin supplements contain peppermint flavored sublingual, which absorbs the melatonin into the blood stream much quicker, resulting into a much faster sleep for you or anyone else in need. You can purchase it in different dosages online at amazon. 1 mg, 2.5 mg, and 3 mg tablets are all available for purchase. One of the benefits is that you won't feel drugged up after taking. You'll be able to sleep soundly, still dream, and then wake up in the morning and still feel rested enough to start the day.

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Schiff Melatonin Plus 3 mg Melatonin with Theanine - For those who are really feeling stressed out, then you should consider taking theanine combined with melatonin. It will help you relieve stress, sleep better, and begin to feel better in general about yourself. L-theanine is an amino acid largely found in green tea. It's one of the best natural amino acids that reduces depression, and stress. 25 mg are found in this herbal supplement. It's highly recommended for those who struggle to stay asleep at night. You can purchase online at amazon and get a pretty good deal. Prices aren't too expensive for this melatonin supplement.

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Spring Valley Melatonin Supplements - Spring Valley is a highly recommended supplement brand. Their supplements help to improve healthy sleep patterns, and provide a much healthier body and mind. 5 mg is the dosage for those who struggle mightily with getting a full rested 8 hours of sleep at night. Take an hour before going to bed, and wake up the next day feeling good and content to start the day out the right away. It's completely organic and chemical free. You can purchase for a cheap price online at walmart.

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