There are many benefits and uses of melissa essential oil. Leaves of lemon balm (melissa) are widely used for centuries. This herb was (and still is) used to calm nerves and anxiety, but also for asthma and indigestion. Let's talk about the essential oil made from this powerful herb.


Melissa essential oil

Melissa volatile oil is one of the most expensive essential oils. That's because it takes from three to even seven tons of the lemon balm herb (also known as Melissa officinalis) to prepare half kilo of the essential oil. You should also bear in mind that some of the commercially sold melissa oils are in reality a mixture of citronella and lemongrass oils. That's why some of the melissa essentials oils are noticeably cheaper than others. Because of that – beware of cheap melissa essential oil offerings. Melissa oil is pale yellow and has a delightful, herbaceous aroma.


Benefits and uses of melissa essential oil


In case you're not aware what aromatherapy is – it's, according to Wikipedia[2992], a kind of alternative medicine that utilises aromatic compounds (essential oils in particular) to alter person's mind, health or mood. Melissa essential oil offers a few benefits when it comes to aromatherapy:


Antidepressant properties

We all know that melissa tea is recommended as an efficient antidepressant. It's quite obvious that melissa's delightful scent can lift your mood and make you feel good. It brings joy into your life while driving sorrow and grief away.


Calms your nerves

If you feel like a bundle of nerves then this essential oil will be of a help for you. It calms down your nerves and anxiety. It makes you feel relaxed, peaceful and comfortable. Due to these properties it also promotes sleep – you can use it as a remedy for insomnia and restlessness. It also works as a nervine – helps you avoid any nervous disorders. It's also capable of treating conditions such as nervousness or convulsions. Besides that, this volatile oil can lower high blood pressure and slow down your heartbeat a little.


Disinfects the body

Melissa essential oil is a diaphoretic – it increases sweating and perspiration. This property is beneficial – sweating releases toxins from the body. It results in clean pores on the skin. If your body needs disinfection you should hydrate well. When it comes to increasing sweating, black pepper essential oil has similar properties. Melissa ethereal oil also expels gases that are built up in the intestines.


Brings warmth to the respiratory and cardiovascular system

This property is especially useful when it gets cold outside. It helps you avoid frequent diseases such as the common cold, flu or the cold sore at its initial stage. It also reduces the intensity of fevers and helps you get rid of headaches. If you need a immediate relief from conditions such as fever or headache, you can add a few drops of this oil in a massage oil, blend it and rub the mixture into your body.


Spasmolytic (also know as antispasmodic) properties

Spasm is, according to Wikipedia, a sudden, involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles or an organ. Many organs and muscles may suffer from spasms. This symptoms shouldn't be neglected because in extreme cases spasms may even cause death. Since melissa ethereal oil has sedative and relaxant properties, it can bring you relief from spasms.


Settles upset stomach and helps with digestive issues

Melissa essential oil also has stomachic properties. If you suffer from upset stomach, this oil can help you. You just need to use it in a massage or in a bath. It'll soothe and settle your stomach. It can also help in healing any wounds or scratches in the stomach. It can be used to relieve digestive system problems such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea or dyspepsia.


Useful for allergies

Melissa essential oil is useful for allergies. This oil is of a help in both skin and respiratory difficulties. In order to relieve asthma symptoms and coughs you can try inhalation of diluted melissa oil. If you didn't know - chamomile essential oil offers similar properties when it comes to relieving allergies. If chamomile oil doesn't bring you relief, you should definitely try melissa oil.


Acne treatment

Many aromatherapists use melissa volatile oil in treating pimples and acne. However, you should bear in mind that this substance irritates the skin. Because of that, you should consult a doctor or an aromatherapist before using it to treat your acne.


Treats menstrual problems

Melissa essential oil is used to treat many menstrual problems such as obstructed or irregular menses, fatigue during period and emotional issues related to menopause.


Fights viral and fungal infections

Melissa volatile oil has the ability of stopping or delaying some bacteria from attacking. This essential oil can be used to manage herpes simplex inflections – 1% dilution can lengthen intervals between each outbreak and shorten the time that skin needs to heal itself. Antifungal properties come handy in curing Candida yeast infection. You can also use this volatile oil as a blended massage oil to treat fungal infections.




Although melissa essential oil is listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), you should always test a small amount of the ethereal oil for allergic reaction. This applies to topical use (massages) in particular. Please remember that melissa essential oil is a strong skin irritant so if you would like to use it as a massage oil, you should add a lot of carrier oil. It has to be used in very low dilutions.



Melissa ethereal oil is very expensive because lemon balm yields a small amount of melissa oil. If you really want to buy a bottle of melissa oil you need to spend a lot of money. Please beware of cheap offerings of this oil - you'll get a mixture of citronella and lemongrass oils instead of the real thing. Melissa essential oil has many uses and benefits. Lifting your mood and soothing your nerves seem to be the most important advantages and uses of this ethereal oil.