Everyone knows Melissa & Doug toys as one of the finest producers of kids toys that seem to bring a little bit of spark in the eyes to kids around the world. You will find that if you look at the history of this company it has really gone from strength to strength and has now into a big company that has been able to please many kids around the country.

Developing your child's artistic talent and creative side of the brain is just as important as developing the mathematical and scientific side. We, as parents seem to be so focused on getting our kids ready for school and making sure they are going to reach the top of the class. So we start drilling them with numbers and letters. They may enjoy this for a while, but it soon wears off. What would ever happen if your child didn't excel in theoretical subjects. what would happen if their grades were average, but they were predicted to be the next Picasso. Most parents want their kids to end up in law school or maybe head off to do a medical degree. Perhaps this is not what your child has on his or her mind.

Once you see your child getting the crayons out and mixing the paint around it's just as important to develop that skill because it comes out in different aspects in life. A kid's artist easel has been developed by Melissa & Doug to help bring out this talent. Of course, kids don't even have to be talented. Pure enjoyment is all that is required. Parents may worry about isolation because it is true that this does come into the artist's world, but the fantastic thing about this easel is that two kids can work on it at the same time. One works on the front and the other at the back. This is something that is perfect for siblings and one of the best ways for mom to get the kids away from the computer or the television.

The thing that most people really love about the easel is that it is so organized, unlike a normal easel that you find in an artist's studio! You will find that the pages just rip off and that you can just you can use a variety of different surfaces so you are not restricted to just painting or drawing. I really think that this is a great way for kids to unwind. Kids have to go through a lot more these days and there are more problems in the world and in the home. Art therapy has been proven to work time and time again.