Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

Melt and pour soap recipes are readily available in Internet sources and many soapmaking books. These kits got its reputation because melt and pour soapmaking is considered to be an amusing and addictive leisure pursuit for many people.

Melt and Pour Soapmaking

Melt and pour soapmaking is a very simple process. It can even be compared to baking a cake with a cake mix. The basic procedure includes melting the soap base, adding colorants, fragrances and other additives, pouring the mixture into soap molds and allowing it to harden. Your melt and pour soap is ready to use after a few hours. But for you to be properly guided here is a step by step instruction. Some materials and steps can be removed or improved, if desired.

First of all, you have to gather all the materials. The mold, soap base, fragrance, and colorant usually come in a kit. Buying a kit can be more convenient for you, especially for those who will try some melt and pour soap recipes for the first time. Once you have these most basic materials, you need to get a Pyrex container. You will place your choice of melt and pour soap base here. You would also need a good weighing scale, chopping board, fragrance oil or essential oil, measuring spoons and cups, dyes that are safe for the skin or those that are conventionally used in soapmaking, metal whisks, knife, wrapper, rubbing alcohol contained in a spray bottle, rubber spatulas, cloths and paper towels. You can also add a notebook for you to take down of the recipes and the measurements of the ingredients you would like to experiment on. When you have all these and of course, a clean working place, you are ready for your first try.

To start, make sure that the weight of the Pyrex container is zeroed out. Prepare the melt and pour soap base for cutting. Using the chopping board and the knife, cut the soap' base into small chunks. You have to make sure that the knife and chopping board are clean to prevent the soap from picking up dirt as this will be hard to take out later. Place them into the Pyrex container with the amount of soap base that can be held by the mold. You don't need to worry about few excess as long as it does not exceed or go under a few tenths of an ounce. Before heating the soap in the microwave, cover it with a wrapper to prevent it from drying out. After a minute or so, remove it from the microwave and then stir until the soap is completely melted and all the chunks are gone. You can also use a double boiler instead of a microwave. Next, add the fragrance and colorants, if desired. Stir again but don't stir too hard because it will produce bubbles. If ever this happens, spray rubbing alcohol to get rid of the bubbles. Then slowly pour the soap into the mold and store it in a safe place. The soap should be hard enough in a few hours.

Some recipes

Melt and pour soap recipes are very popular because of their ease and low cost. Because the soapmaking process is very easy, melt and pour soap recipes are also very easy to do. One famous recipe is lavender beeswax soap. To do this, you would need 4 oz. unscented glycerin soap, 10 drops lavender perfume oil, 1 drop violet food coloring, 1 tsp. grated beeswax along with the other necessary materials for melt and pour soapmaking. You melt the soap and add grated beeswax. Stir until completely melted. After heating, add perfume oil and coloring. Stir well and pour the mixture into a mold. Wait until hardened.

Other recipes basically follow the same basic procedures. The additional ingredients like fragrance and colorants and the shape of the mold are the only usual variations. Other recipes use citrus and calendula, iced tea, lemon tea and sunflower seeds as ingredients. There are even dog soap bars. But don't mistake it as soap for your pet dogs. It is only called dog soap because it is shaped as a dog bone. This only tells you that you can really apply your creativity in various melt and pour soap recipes.

Where to buy

Melt and pour recipes and materials can be purchased in The Candlewic Company. They sell candle making and soapmaking kits, molds and accessories. You can also purchase them from Sweet Cakes Inc. Bramble Berry Inc. sells novice melt and pour soapmaking recipes and kits for $ 19.00 to $ 30.00 depending on the type. They also sell different kinds of soap mold for $ 6.00 to $ 12.00.