Talk about time slipping away. Melting clocks are unique and surreal timepieces that pay homage to Salvador Dali's famous melted clocks from his painting "The Persistence of Memory". They may not fit everyone's style, but there's no denying that they make a big statement, are a fun gift, and make excellent Halloween decorations. Here you'll learn more about these cool clocks, including some great selections, and where to purchase them.

Salvador Dali's Melting Clocks

melting clocks_1You may not recognize the painting name, but you most likely know the painting. Salvador Dali's famous 1931 work has inspired many people over the years and prints of "The Persistence of Memory" have adorned many walls across the world. The most famous aspect of the painting is the melting clocks, which also appear in a follow-up painting of Dali's, "Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory". The meaning behind these clocks has seen many interpretations through the years including being a statement on time's rigidity, a comment on the inner workings of the male psyche, and a reflection on Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  No matter your opinion, the clocks certainly have a psychedelic, strange, and even nightmarish feel that people either absolutely love or hate.

Melting Clocks Come To Life

Dali's paintings have inspired many novelty collectibles, most notably a wide variety of fun melting clocks. These cool clocks - known also as melted clocks - are typically either wall clocks, mantel clocks, or desk clocks that actually appear to be slipping off the side of the furniture. has a large selection of these clocks. Some of the most popular include:

can you imagine melting clocks

Can You Imagine Melting Clock

A popular choice because it can sit on the end of a desk, mantel, or table and give the appearance that the clock is slowly melting down the side.

george nelson melting clock(111362)Kirch George Nelson Melted Metal Dali Clock

A Dali inspired wall clock with just enough melt to feel surreal while still working in many home designs.

new haven melting bronze clock

New Haven Melting Bronze Clock

The bronze finish and gold-colored clock hands make this melting clock different from the pack.

trippy bronze finish melting clockTrippy Bronze Finish Melting Mantel Clock

The perfect bronze melting clock for your mantel. Its unique tear shape styling makes it stand out.

Melting Clocks As A Style Statement, Halloween Decor, Or Novelty Gift

Melting clocks may not fit into every design style, but they can be a really fun accessory for people that love surreal, psychedelic designs or tend to enjoy unconventional conversation pieces. They are often used as that one offbeat piece in an otherwise traditional room, whether that be a living room, bedroom, office, or den.

These clocks are fun and almost cartoon-like, which is both a blessing and a curse. Kids often love melted clocks for this reason, so they can make excellent room decor to add a unique flair to a child's room. These clocks also make excellent Halloween decorations for around your home. Their almost nightmarish quality can bring the night alive. But keep your design eye open when using them otherwise around your home. A melting clock mixed with too many other surreal, offbeat pieces can be overwhelming and even make your home feel too childish as a day-to-day style.

Melting clocks make fun novelty gifts too. They are perfect as a Christmas or holiday gift or as a birthday surprise. If you've got family or friends that love unconventional things, a melting clock may be a nice surprise.

The Price And Where To Buy Melting Clocks

These clocks range from $10 to $80, but most hover around the $20-$30 range. is a great place to purchase these clocks, as many varieties are often on sale. This is especially beneficial if you're thinking of using these clocks as a Halloween decoration, as you'll more than likely want more than one to create your inspired look.