When the movie “Wall Street” starring Michael Douglas (Gordon Gekko) and Charlie Sheen (Bud Fox) among others first premiered in 1987, many felt that this was going to be a memorable movie. It is pretty easy to say that it is most likely true that no one at that time could have really predicted just the amount of success that this movie would have later on though. It is now considered a classic, and many of the movies scenes and quotes are still referenced in modern life. In particular, Gordon Gekko Quotes have become often referenced in many facets of life. 

Greed, For Lack Of A Better Word, Is Good

The above is the most famous of Gordon Gekko quotes from the movie. This quote has been featured as a top 100 movie quotes by many different organizations who have compiled such lists. It is often uttered by those who actually work on Wall Street in reference to the movie and to the man. This quote above all other Gordon Gekko quotes is probably also one of the most misrepresented. When first created, the movie was intending to show Gordon Gekko for the evil person that he was. It was meant to be a cautionary tale that warned people to not follow in his footsteps, to not think as this man thought. However, this quote has been become something akin to holy scripture for some. They have taken what the Gekko said as justification for a survival of the fittest mentality in business. This was not what the movie directors had intended. 

The public’s out there throwing darts at a board, sport. I don’t throw darts at a board - I bet on sure things

This is one of the Gordon Gekko quotes that is spoken to Charlie Sheen’s character in the movie. The dialogue is talking about the belief that Gekko has that no others are able to attain the type of success that he has. It is showing that he believes that he is literally on a different playing field than anyone else. At the same time, it shows an inherent weakness in Gekko’s character. This Gekko quote shows that he actually has to rely on inside information to be able to get the kinds of results that he is posting. It is true that this is what he does throughout the movie. Therefore, this is one of the Gordon Gekko quotes that points to the corruption of what he does. 

You’re walking around blind without a cane pal. A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place

Although there are many great Gordon Gekko quotes, this one seemed appropriate to conclude on. Once again, this is one of the Gordon Gekko quotes that is part of a conversation with the Bud Fox character. In this quote, Gekko is trying to show how naïve Bud Fox really is. Fox had been showing some humanity and having emotion about the workers of a company that Gekko had recently been attempting to acquire. Gekko was planning on breaking the company up in order to maximize profit for himself. In doing this, the employees of the company would all be out of work. One of those employees happened to be Bud Fox’s father. This personal connection seemed to be the tipping point that shocked Fox back in the reality of having natural human emotions, something that Gekko did not seem to be able to exhibit. This is one of the Gordon Gekko quotes that really points to the fact that Gekko does not care about anything other than making more money for himself. Once again, it is just another reflection on his character.