Ok so let's face it... in the world of cartoons and superheroes, here in America we barely see Latinos represented. In this article you will read information on some of the few who were both memorable and fan-favorites.

Mas Y Menos


Due to the success of my article THE TOP 6 AFRICAN AMERICAN SUPERHEROES, I wanted to try branching off and talking about heroes of other minority groups. While writing for Cyborg, in the other article, I remembered how much I loved the characters of Mas Y Menos. This set of miniature twins were often seen on the animated show “Teen Titans” as apart of Titans East. Even though these two only spoke Spanish, they used their superspeed to fight the forces of evil. Luckily I passed 12th grade Spanish class and was able to enjoy their banter and fighting on the show.

Blue Beetle


The next superhero was Blue Beetle. This teenaged Latin American hero is actually the third to assume this title. Often guest starring on “Batman: the Brave and the Bold”, Jaime Reyes had a normal life until finding his alien scarab. This piece of extraterrestrial technology grants him a plethora of abilities through a battle suit. Though he is a fledgling superhero, he uses both his alien suit and buckle-loads of courage to help Batman battle evil.

Fire Justice League Unlimited


The Brazilian bombshell known as Fire was often seen in the cartoon “Justice League Unlimited”. Just like her namesake, this beauty had the ability project vast amounts of heat and flame while flying and sporting a green frock.  Her sexiness was often mentioned in connection to her nationality, which is a common parallel for Brazilian women. 

El Dorado


El Dorado is one of the first minority superheroes to appear on “Super Friends: The Legendary Superpowers Show”. Even though he never made an appearance in the comic books, his creation was an attempt to showcase diversity among the Super Friends according to WIKIPEDIA.

Zorro 1997


The character known throughout history as Zorro, exemplifies the charm of a Latin male. Unlike most superheroes, he uses physical prowess and ingenuity to defeat his adversaries, along with his fencing sword and whip. Zorro was very reminiscent of Batman because of his all black attire, mysterious persona and late night antics. Nevertheless, he was a hit with the ladies, especially after being portrayed by Antonio Banderas in "The Mask of Zorro".