Honor the Fallen

Some of the best memorial tattoo design ideas are those that you do with a personal touch to remember your loved one.  For this reason, it’s hard to make a good list that will fit for everyone.  That said, you’ll be able to come up with some great ways to pay tribute to a wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, best friend, or relative that is deceased or alive.  Unfortunately, many people that look into ink or body art as a form to memorialize those that have died, often in a untimely manner.  In this article, it’s not my intent to give you specifics so much as to give you some ideas to use in the design, which can be tailored to suit your specific needs to remember someone near your heart.

Dates of Life and Death

This is perhaps the simplest way to pay tribute to anyone that has left this earth.  Include the names of the person you want in your memory when you see the ink, along with the dates they were born and died.  It will help you always remember the special dates of those near you.  Add in a nice picture design or just about anything that you like and it’s sure to be something you’ll appreciate, since it’s intended to be symbolic.  This is often called a R.I.P (rest in peace) tattoo, but it doesn’t necessarily need to have a gravestone image or portrait included.  For most, images of grim reapers, or dark angels may not be appropriate, but should not be omitted as an option, if you truly think it’s appropriate.

Facial Pictures

Why not put the image of the one you love on your body?  You’ll need to go to a quality tattoo artist to make sure it looks right, especially in black and white.  Color is a little harder, but can be done if you have a great tattooist.  You’ll find it’s a good way to keep their face alive in your memory.  Complete the body art with their name or dates and you’ll have a winner whether you place the tat on your arm, leg, back, neck, or chest.  Take a favorite portrait and ask the artist if they can replicate it effectively.  The likeness of someone you love is one of the best ways to remember someone you loved and left you in an untimely manner, or someone that is still with you that you’d like to memorialize for the rest of your life.

Various Pictures

Certain symbols are going to be common for memorial tattoo design ideas.  Included are things like crosses, hearts, angels with or without halos, cherubs (often for children), vines like ivy, and others.  What you choose to do is up to you, but it’s something you must think of carefully, since tattoos are permanent by nature and intended to last a lifetime.  Regardless of the symbol or image you select, the most important part is to make sure it’s appropriate for the one you are trying to remember and honor for eternity.

Remembering Tragedy

Many times, death is untimely and tragic in nature.  For those that want to remember the day of tragedy, so they’ll never forget, you need to use an image and words that are thought provoking and make you feel a connection with the date or event that took place that caused them to leave your life.  This is common, but it can also be heartbreaking to see on a daily basis, especially if you go with a very large size or place them in a highly visible area.  If you later decide you’d rather remember them in a positive manner, you may wish it was inconspicuous in nature.  It’s a purely personal decision that you must make.  Keep it typical or unique and unusual, but make sure it’s something you’ll love.

Remembering Good Times

Many people like to remember the good times they had with their boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, child or other.  For those that wish to remember the good times, you’ll have plenty of truly unique options for designs.  For example, you could focus on a day that is of fond memory, and event like a marriage/wedding, the birth of a child, engagement, a special trip, or just about anything else that brings a smile to your face, despite your heavy heart.  You’ll find that for most people, thinking of positive things, and not the negative things, is part of the healing process.  It’s a good option to keep in mind before you go with body ink that you won’t appreciate for the long term.  When you honor someone, just make sure it’s something they would have enjoyed as well.

For People You Knew

This is what most people are thinking of when they look into ways to pay tribute to those they loved.  With people you know well, it’s best to make the artwork as personal as possible, so it’s truly symbolic of the relationship you had with them.  Try to pick something that would normally remind you of the person, so it’s something you’ll be happy with for life.

For People You Didn’t Know

Many times, people choose to get a memorial tattoo for someone they didn’t necessarily know.  This is the case with fallen soldiers, the loved ones of loved ones, and some others.  In this case, since you cannot use a facial image in most instances, you might want to use something a little less personal or generic in nature.  This can still be used to honor a person.  Again, you must use caution to ensure it’s something you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

Unique Tattoo Designs

If you select a stock image, it’s not unique or unusual.  It could still fit the bill perfectly, but it won’t be unique.  Think about the things that made your loved one happy and you’ll be able to come up with some truly unique ideas to pay tribute.  Memorial tattoo design ideas can be as personal or impersonal as you choose.