In loving memory tattoos

Tattoos are not just a fashion idea to decorate your body. A tattoo can show who you are, what your beliefs are, what your attitude toward life is and even what your dreams are. Tattoos are such special bits of your life that sometimes you just do not want it to be all about yourself and your own dreams and passions. Sometimes, when someone means the world to you, you want to carry the person’s name or some symbol or memorial token with yourself, wherever you go, all the time. That is the time for you to get a memorial tattoo.

memorial tattoo design ideas

Also popularly known as “in loving memory” tattoos, these have become popular with the increasing popularity of display of affections. Whether it is with touch or without touch, showing that you love somebody has never been out of fashion. However, in memory tattoos are not just to show that you are in love. There is no such boundary so as to who is allowed to be tattooed on your body. It can be your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mother or father, your siblings, your spouse or even your child – anybody who has earned a place in your heart also has earned the eligibility of being on your skin. Wearing your wedding is special, but you can open it. With a in loving memory tattoo, you have your love’s name etched in your very own self. The name of a spouse or partner is a very romantic tattoo idea, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or any private special day that the two of you cherish. Also, your child’s name is a very special tattoo design especially if he/she is the only child that you have. If not, then you should get all of their names tattooed to avoid family drama!

On a more serious note, the name of someone deceased is a special way to remember them and keep them alive not only in your memories but also in a very tangible way. Lots of people tattoo the names of a deceased sibling or deceased partner or sometimes even their deceased parents to keep the feel of their loved one as close as possible. Some not so common ideas here would be to tattoo your dead pet’s name, but that happens only when it was so close to your heart that you could not bear the idea of letting it go.

Memorial tattoo design ideas

The whole idea of memorial tattoos is to keep the loved one close to you and also to keep a reminder that they are very special. So, when it comes to choosing the body place where you can get such a special tattoo, it can either be a place where it remains hidden for only you to see it, or a place where you can flaunt your love. Tastes differ and so do choices of this issue. If you want to keep that name hidden from the eyes of the world, a spot close to your heart is a good option. Not just that it will be literally close to your heart, but also that it will remain from the busy eyes of the people around you. Other than this, depending on what type of clothes you wear most often, a place near the waist or thighs or even the back can act as a good location.

If you want to flaunt that special memorial tattoo to the world, you have a lot of options again depending on the type of clothes you wear. If you wear lots of exposing clothes, then your choices include shoulder, legs, hands, naval, back, and even wrists and ankles. Some of these spots, like wrists and ankles and also hands, work for those who want to show that they have this tattoo but are more of a traditional dresser. Other than these, the nape, neck, or even fingers can be some unconventional but interesting options.

Now, as for the special designs for these very special memorial tattoos, the designs for these tattoos can be kept as simple as the name, or even as elaborate as a particular scene from the most special day you had with them. Depending on the spot you have chosen and who that person is to be getting tattooed on your skin, the designs and patterns may change. Popularly, the in loving memory tattoos which are for the partners, mainly done by the women, find a flowery and elaborate design. Though women like it to keep it limited to a limited amount of space as they do not want the tattoo to take up their whole limb or back, they usually ask for an intricate design that has the passion of their love for their partner. Whether it is the name of the partner or the anagram of their names together, women prefer to use at least a couple of colors for their tattoos. The most popular colors for these are red, pink, dark blue, purple and black.

As for the men, they try to keep it straight to the point by getting the name tattooed, usually in plain but stylish alphabets. While women like to keep the name private, men prefer to flaunt their love for their spouse or child to the world. So we have football players tattooing their children’s names on their hands and shoulders, and movie celebrities getting the name of their partner tattooed on their forearm.

One very important to keep in mind while deciding to get a memorial tattoo is that this tattoo is like a lifelong stamp on you. If it is the name of a family member or a pet, you probably know that this is going to last. Especially if this is the name of somebody deceased, then this is perhaps the best way to keep them alive in the world. But in a world where romance is pretty short-lived, getting the name of the partner tattooed means that this relationship is for the keeps.

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