Do you have a test coming?! Do you need to memorize the information quickly for school? What if we said you could memorize virtually anything in large quantities over a short period of time? Here at StreamlineInfo we have unraveled a simple method of memorization that will impress many of your friends and family.

The method used for memorizing large amounts of information in a short amount of time is called associative memory. This means that the information you are trying to memorize must be associated with something you are inherently familiarly with such as your home or your surrounding area. Here is a more formal definition from Predictionboy at blogpost.

memory(71209)“Associative memory is a concept that originated from the field of psychology, and in that original sense means recalling a previously experienced item by thinking of something that is linked with it, thus invoking the association. Associative memory or associative storage is a data-storage technique by which a location is identified by its informational content rather than by names, addresses, or relative positions, and from which the data may be retrieved. As with many areas where neural networks are highly efficient, associative memory is yet another form of optimization problem, in this case finding the best (optimal) match given partial information.”

Lets outline the steps to memorizing anything.

Step 1 | Compile Your List
Make sure you list all the information you will need to memorize. Lets create an example list. 

    1. cat
    2. stove
    3. girl
    4. elephant
    5. piano

Step 2 | Create A Story
Creating a story of something you are very familiar with (such as your home) and using the words in your list to associate with your home will make you memorize these items naturally. Here is an example.

    1. When I opened the door I tripped over the CAT
    2. I fell unto the ground and hit my head on the STOVE
    3. When I woke up a GIRL was standing over me
    4. She told me I was as fat as an ELEPHANT
    5. That made me sad so I played the PIANO to make me feel better.

Step 3 | Your Done
After you have created your story and memorized it you are done. You can make a list of 50+ items and memorize them in order using the associative method. The greatest thing is you only have to go over the list once and you should be done.

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