Running a Memory Test for Windows

Running a Memory Test for Windows


Tools of the Trade

        If you are experiencing problems with your computer, it is likely necessary for you to run a memory test for windows and other diagnostics.  In this article I will teach you how I check my ram in my computer to make sure things are running correctly.  If you look carefully you can find all of the PC diagnostic software that you need to performs a memory test of your computer for free.  One of the most common tools that I will talk about is called "memtest86" that works within a tool called the Ultimate Boot Disk.  Using this tool and a few others it is possible to bypass expensive computer repair shops or technicians to determine the issue by yourself.

        The Diagnostic Method

         When something goes wrong with a computer, it is important to follow a certain way of doing things as to systematically eliminate potential errors.  It can be very stressful to determine the nature of the problem so one of the easiest and most efficient ways to streamline the process is to figure out what it is not.  It is less important to understand exactly how a ram tester is determining the utility of your memory than it is to understand when to test for bad memory.  Let the tools do what they are intended to do and get out of your own way by running through each test until you find a problem. 

Common Symptoms of Bad Memory

Knowing what to look for when you think your computer’s memory has gone bad is important.  Some symptoms are easy to recognize and others are a bit trickier.  An example of failing but not failed memory might be programs loading slowly or hanging up.  Some of the more obvious signs of bad memory unfortunately are when it is too late.  If the computer fails to boot and makes a continuous beeping noise originating in the BIOS, it is likely a failed memory module.  If you have been around computers for any length of time you are familiar with the blue screen of death.  The screen of death usually is seen after a system crash and frequent system crashes are a tell tale sign of bad memory.

Using Ultimate Diagnostic Boot CD

            When you finally come to the determination that you suspect the memory being bad, it is time to use the Ultimate Diagnostic Boot CD.  Using Ultimate Boot CD is free and will easily tell you if what you suspect is wrong with the computer is accurate or not.  Run the "memtest" option in the memory submenu.  This test will run data through your RAM and check each block.   If you have multiple memory modules installed it will be necessary to test each one to determine which module is the source of the problem.  If any data shows up on the bottom portion of the screen it will be necessary to replace the bad memory.

Memory Testing