The quality of your mattress is a possible reason why you feel so tired in the mornings and throughout the day.Besides affecting your sleep, a poor quality mattress can also affect you by abolishing a stage of your sleep cycle or decrease the time you spend in a certain sleep stage.People who sleep badly have
found help from memory foam mattresses.

Here are 4 great benefits for using memory foam mattresses instead of regular ones.

1.Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to weight.NASA developed the memory foam (also known as temper foam) in the early 1970´s to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for passengers and airline pilots.Because the memory foam is sensitive to weight it allows people to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Often there is a weight difference between the persons sleeping in the same bed and if one constantly moves around it will disturb the other person.By using foam material that adjusts itself you can not detect the other persons movement and this guarantees a good night´s sleep for both.

2.They are sensitive to temperature.The human body maintains a constant body temperature but the external parts will be at a different temperature.The foam material absorbs the heat from the body when a person lies down on it.Some people are afraid that it will become to hot lying on the mattress but this is not the case, there is an air exchange system that controls the heat and makes it really comfortable.

3.They provide support by adjusting to your body.You will feel it adjust to the contours of your body when you first lay on the mattress.You are able to feel how the foam material fully supports your entire body and keeps your neck and spine in perfect alignment.The material expands so it is able to absorb the force your body is applying to it.

To achieve the best possible support for your body, choose a mattress that has the correct density for your weight and height.This will give you total body support and allows you to sleep throughout the night.

4.Mattresses made of memory foam are affordable which allows also average consumers to buy one, the price range is between $150 - $1,500.If you are looking for a more luxurious model you need to be prepared to pay more.The prices have come down and if you buy from a sale you can get it really cheap.Many online stores sell memory foam mattresses and sometimes with steep discounts.

There is no reason anymore why you should have bad night´s sleep.A good mattress is one of the best investments you can make for your health.