Using a memory foam pad for a dog bed is a great way to ease the discomfort of an older pooch and the associated health issues, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, stiff joints and sore muscles.

This type of bed uses similar materials to the beds that adults buy to keep their bodies feeling their best after a nights sleep.  You have heard of the memory foam mattresses right?  Well this material, when used for a dog bed is 4 inches thick and is much denser than regular fluffy foam that tends to be used in regular pet beds.

It is five times denser, and contours to the shape of your dog's body for ultimate comfort.  If your dog is aging, then replacing their regular dog bed with one that contains one of these pads will help ease their pain, and I found it works well when they are trying to get back up after Memory Foam Pad For Dog Bednapping.

Extra Large 40"X35"X4" Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pad Pet Bed for Large Dog with long lasting denim cover + Breathable waterproof case

Most pet beds on the market now, tend to use simple foam slabs or pieces and very quickly your dog will be feeling the floor as the foam pieces separate in the bedding and it loses its shape.  This may not bother a younger pet, but an older one will notice the difference.  This type of pad will also keeps them warm and off the floor.

The pad is covered with a water resistant zippered cover and that has a soft denim cover.  Denim makes a great cover for a pet bed.  It is tough and yet soft and gets softer with every wash.  It is one of the most durable fabrics for our jeans and therefore does well as a cover for a pet bed.

If your dog has a tendency to lay on the hard floor (like mine does) and they are having some trouble getting back up, with stiff joints and any kind of issue from aging then consider getting them one of these products for their present crate or kennel or simply to use Memory Foam Pad For Dog Bedson its own. 

You can help ease your pooch into the golden years with some of these aids.  I noticed a big difference between my dog getting up from laying on the floor to laying in their dog bed, the stiffness in the joints was eased.

This memory foam pad for dog bed, is also highly resistant to bacteria and mold, that tends to break down other pet beds.  This dog pad will last many years and will give your dog a much happier outlook as they get older.

It is not restricted to older pets, it is great for younger ones too, as it gives great support to their growing bodies and they will love the comfortable feel.

You can shop for these at many larger pet supply stores, and you can get them in different sizes.  The larger ones will hold a dog up to 180 pounds in total comfort.  You can also get the memory foam pad for a dog bed online at sites such as Amazon. 

So, if you are treating your dog for age related health issues right now and would like to make his life a bit more comfortable, then consider changing out his bed for something "arthritis" friendly and make your best friend smile!



Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed, Khaki, Medium 34in x 22in
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