Acorn Slipper Memory Foam

What are memory foam sheepskin slippers made of?

Memory foam sheepskin slippers can be broken down into two components of construction; the first being visco eslastic memory foam, and the second being sheepskin. The combination of the two materials creates a product that is both extremely comfortable and durable. The sheepskin of the slipper makes them durable, weather and wear resistant, flexible to the shape of your foot, and stylish. The memory foam conforms to the sole of your feet, has a perfect density to comfort ratio, and is mildly odor resistant. Before going into which memory foam slippers are the best, you first have to understand where each of the materials come from.

Memory Foam Slippers

Using a material designed by NASA in 1966, viscoelastic memory foam was originally created to pad the seats of rocket ships to make astronauts more comfortable undergoing extreme G-forces during takeoff, and safer in the event of an accident. The material never made it into a space ship, but it was eventually released to the public in the late 80s. Tempur Pedic was founded in 1991 with their "Swedish memory foam mattress" which grew in popularity rapidly over the following decades. Because of it's unique and beneficial construction, memory foam has been used widely in everything from medical equipment to acorn slippers.

Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin slippers, made for both men and women use the tanned hide of a sheep to create the shape of a slipper. Sheepskin slippers made out of shearling are particularly warm and comfortable, however are generally the most expensive because of the difficult tanning process with the wool still attached. Synthetic materials are cheaper, but their benefits are less dramatic. Ladies sheepskin slippers are particularly popular because, like all sheepskin products, they have a characteristic called "self warmth" which makes them feel warm when you first put your feet in and have moisture wicking characteristics that make them never too hot or cold.

Types of memory foam sheepskin slippers:

Ladies Acorn SlipperAcorn slippers - Famous for their sheepskin moccasins, Acorn slippers have started incorporating memory foam directly into their men's and ladies sheepskin slippers. The result is an always warm, never hot, moisture wicking slipper that is not only more comfortable than a traditional leather or rubber insole, but also provides better arch support.

Tempurpedic SlipperTempurpedic slippers - Although they do not have the moisture and warmth properties exactly like a sheepskin slipper, there must be mention of the original adaptors of the visco elastic memory technology. Their slippers utilize the highest quality of memory foam to give you ultimate comfort and support. Like the original memory foam mattress, tempur pedic slippers contour to the exact shape of your foot. They are also odor resistant (compared to other materials) as well has have a solid rubber sole for go anywhere functionality.

Tamarac slippers - Similar to Acorn slippers, Tamarac memory foam sheepskin slippers combine the best features of sheepskin and memory foam to create an ultra comfortable, durable, and always warm slipper. With a wide variety to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your style and budget.