Memphis Tn, First Time Visitor Guide

attractions, hotels, restauraunts for Memphis Tennessee

When you go to Memphis Tn you will be celebrating the blues, soul, and rock n' roll. They have the best barbecue in the nation. Memphis Tn is part of the delta of Mississippi and Arkansas. If you are into the music you need to go to Beale Street. That musical unleashes a irresistible vibe. Memphis Tn has Graceland they have exhibits that are fit for a king. When you go there you can find anything about Elvis. When you go there you can walk into Elvis's house, you can lay flowers on his tomb, you can also his two private jets and his cars. Memphis Tn also has a Gibson Guitar Factory they give tours there so they can show their creation of Gibson guitars from just a block of wood. The best hotels in Memphis Tn is the worlds famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Madison Hotel, and the known hotel that Elvis stayed at was Heartbreak Hotel.

Like I said Memphis Tn is known for their barbecue. One restaurant is called A&R Barbecue. Their barbecue is authentic it would be a experience of a lifetime. Then there is Alcenia's Southern Style Cuisine. Its a very intriguing mix of 1960 psyhedelic beaded curtains, and a lot of folk art. There is one place Memphis Tn that if you just want some incredible pizza is called Americas Incredible Pizza Company- Hickory Ridge. They play 50's music in the parking lot, its a family oriented restaurant. There is other things to do in Memphis Tn its called the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art. This museum was founded in 1998. Their collection is about 900 objects ranging from 202 B.C. to the early twentieth century. Then there is the Sharpe Planetarium. You get to explore the solar system in your seat. If you like the Blues you can go to the Delta Blues Museum. The Delta Blues Museum is a very creative place, its very welcoming. When people go there find meaning value, history, and the heritage of the blues. Memphis Tn is a great place to bring the family.

According to the Wikipedia article:

Memphis, Tennessee has a long history of distinctive contributions to the culture of the American South and beyond. Although it is an important part of the culture of Tennessee, the history, arts, and cuisine of Memphis are more closely associated with the culture of the Deep South (particularly the Mississippi Delta) than the rest of the state. For example, the city's influence on 20th century music has had worldwide impact. Memphians have had an important role in founding or establishing several important American music genres, including Blues, Gospel, Rock n' Roll, and "sharecropper" country music.