Real men's diamond watches can be quite desirable, and look quite luxurious on any man's wrist. They represent a man of importance in the fashion world. Diamond watches are some of the most popular kind of wristwatches for men to wear. Obviously these are extremely expensive to wear, and they allow a man to flaunt his quality and fashionable taste. Most authentic ones will cost over a thousand dollars. However, there are some diamond watches that you can find for sale below a thousand dollars. If you're shopping for the holidays, for someone special, or if you're just looking to treat yourself, then checkout down below at some of the really high quality, and exquisite men's watches for sale online. Save money and find something that will allow you to dress to impress.

Joe Rodeo For Men

The is one of the cheapest diamond wristwatches going for sale online for a good price. Nothing you find will be cheap, but you can get a great de deal. The entire band, dial, bezel, and chronographs feature a stainless steel silver finish. It looks quite luxurious, and expensive, and its decked out in 3.5 karats of diamonds. Some of the features include a 47 mm bezel, swiss chronograph quartz movement, and its a water resistant up to 100 mm. Not a bad bargain for this watch. It can be worn for all types for men: young or old. A good watch for business men looking to gain a respectful appearance at work. Prices are going for sale online at amazon.


Joe Rodeo 2000 Collection Men's Diamond Watch
Amazon Price: $2,988.00 $1,170.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 13, 2013)

Cheap Bulova Diamond Watches for Men

You can save a lot of money, and decide to purchase a cheap diamond watch. Some cheap ones might be able to pass as fine luxury watches. Bulova has some cheap products for you to choose from. If you're looking for a cheap diamond gold watch for men going for sale, then take a look online at amazon. There's a decent looking cheap watch going for sale for under $200 dollars. It's not a bad watch for its low price. I don't know if it replicates a real luxury diamond watch, but it still looks pretty good. It's water resistant up to 30 meters, black dial included to match the gold brace and bezel. Four diamonds are featured on the 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 9 o'clock. If you don't like this Bulova product, then checkout amazon for more watches. They got quite a few really cheap Bulova men's watches going for sale.

Bulova Men's 96E03 Diamond Accented Watch
Amazon Price: $675.00 $340.50 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 13, 2013)

Techno Master for Men

This is one beautiful product for men to wear on their wrist. It's pretty expensive, which will cost you over a thousand dollars. 2.5 carats are featured on the bezel, and lugs. A stainless steel silver is featured on the bezel, and the brace band. The dial features a dark green, complimenting with the three chronographs that feature a yellow and white color. A really traditional and classic looking men's watch to wear on your wrist. It's water resistant, and features Japanese quartz movement. You can purchase for sale online at variety of different websites.

Techno Master Watches Mens Diamond Watch 0.45ct. - TM-2134F
Amazon Price: $290.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 13, 2013)

14 Karat Men's Gold Watches for Sale

Obviously 14 karat gold diamond jewelry is going to cost a lot of money. But it's well worth paying extra for it you can afford it. The Euro Geneve, however, is going for an incredible discount sale online. You can't beat these discount sales. Nearly 50% off this originally $13,000 thousand dollar gold watch made with 14 karats of gold, and diamonds featured. Oh, it is quite beautiful for any made of high quality taste to wear. It's worth every penny. It features a rectangular face, featuring a gold dial. The bezel features diamonds. 14 gold karats on the brace of the watch. You also have the option of an engraving of your choosing. If it's a gift for a guy, then you can personalize to your preference. Up to six different styles are optional. You can purchase for sale online at Prices are reasonable and going for $7,000 thousands. That's really not a bad deal for 14 karat gold.

Men's Diamond Watches for Sale Under $1,000 Dollars

There are some really nice looking men's diamond watches going for sale online for prices well under a thousand dollars. Some of the really nice ones for men to purchase online include the Ice Time Diamond Watches Iceberg Mens Watch, Techno Master, and the Men's Diamond Watches Aqua Master Bubble Watch. The best places to shop online is at amazon, overstock,, and ebay. You'll often find the best deals. Other recommended brands to shop by is Aqua Master, Techno Master, Joe Rodeo, and Lucien Piccard.