With less options for men when it's time to 'suit up', the fashion industry has provided many options for accessorizing men's suits. Men's silver cufflinks, silver knot cufflinks or monogrammed cufflinks are a great way to bring a suit alive. Men have always seemed to get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion choices. The fashion industry has always focused more on the fairer sex and with good reason; most women spend more than men.

Men's cufflinks have been making a serious comeback as an excuse to wear French cuffed shirts. With our limited options to accessorize formal wear, cufflinks are a sophisticated touch and with all the selection to choose from it makes an easy gift to give all most any man. Cufflinks are a really special element and could be considered the finishing touch to a formal/semi-formal assumable.

Silver knot cufflinks are one style that should be given more attention. knotted cufflink has an unusual appearance with draws the eye to make them standout more than other styles. The knot also provides a lower maintenance as finger prints are almost impossible to detect unlike their flat smooth counter parts. This doesn't mean they are no maintenance, in order for them to do their job they must be cleaned to avoid a build up and discolouration that happens with tarnish.

The tarnishing of silver happens with the introduction of Hydrogen sulfide (sulphide - for our Canadian friends) and a chemical reaction occurs. The problem is that there are many materials that contain sulfur like wool, fossil fuels and many types of paint can all lead to the dreaded tarnish. Climate conditions like humidity can also act as a catalyst and accelerate the process. However, silver cleaning agents are very easy to use and cleaning the unique cufflinks can be as easy as submerging them in the fluid for a period of time.

Monogrammed Cufflinks are another great choice and have advantages as well. There are millions of different styles to pick from for the monogram and it could be a fun thing to do together after you have given him the gift. Another benefit of the monogrammed silver is finger prints are harder to see much like the knotted cuffs.

Men's silver cufflinks have become a classic and will never suffer the dreaded 'fashion fade'. Any man that wears a suit will usually enjoy receiving an elegant gift like cufflinks. If you like the look of silver and want something even more interesting consider Rhodium. Rhodium is a silvery white metal and cannot be corroded; it also can be an interesting conversional topic. For an added touch, when giving cufflinks, consider the box they are being give in. Some stores have cufflink boxes that can be used to store them when not in use. The boxes are made of many different materials and can accent the gift itself. Either way you decide to go, whether you are buying silver knot cufflinks for your husband or monogrammed cufflinks for your father; men's silver cufflinks are a safe and memorable choice for any occasion.