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Women are not the only ones who have historically enjoyed wearing wigs. During Egyptian times, both men and women are believed to have worn them. Other ancient people such as the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans are also known to have covered their scalps with either pieces of fabric or wigs created from animal and human hair. Some historians speculate that at least some of these early people shaved off their own hair and then covered their bare heads in order to protect them from the sun or to deal with lice.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, wigs disappeared until the 16th century, when they began to be worn again in order to conceal baldness and enhance personal appearance. It wasn't until the 17th Century, however, that King Louis XIII and King Louis XIV of France began to popularize ornate hairpieces for men. The ones that were worn by these kings, and other males in the European royal families, were shoulder-length or longer, and could be quite elaborate.

Wigs of one type or another have continued to be worn by men since that time. In fact, in Britain and other Commonwealth countries, wigs that are surprisingly similar to the ones worn by 17th century kings are still worn by English barristers, judges, members of parliament, and some other state officials. It is believed that they originally wore them as a sort of disguise, to make it more difficult for these officials to be recognized when they were out in public! Today, these elaborate British hairpieces are simply considered part of their tradition.

There have also been some famous men in modern times who have worn a variety of hairpieces to conceal their thinning hair. Andre Agassi, for example, is known to have worn one during the early 1990s to conceal his baldness. Many actors, politicians and entertainers also regularly use hair extensions and similar products to alter the appearance of their natural hair.  Whether you want a wig for fun or to improve your appearance, there are a variety of places where they can be purchased online.  

One of the most reliable options is to order one by using this direct link to wigs for men on Amazon.  They have both serious and fun hairpieces, including ones that are meant to be worn for Halloween or with a costume, as well as ones that are designed to enhance your natural appearance.  I have also included an example advertisement for one, with a link to Amazon, so you can check them out for yourself.      

More Places to Buy Men's Wigs

Men's wigs hairpieces can usually be purchased at most locations that sell wigs for women. Nearly every city and large community in the United States has a selection of wig shops. However, if you prefer the comfort and privacy of shopping online, you will find that there are also a large number of websites that sell them. If you have never worn one before, you may want to first visit a shop to get an idea of how you look in various styles. Then, you can go home and comparison shop online. Once you have a brand and style that please you, it will be easy to buy replacements or extras from an online supplier.

One such website is the Wig Warehouse at They sell a nice selection of men's toupees and hairpieces. Prices vary from as little as $30 to over $400. The difference in price is determined by whether it is made of synthetic fibers or real human hair. It also will make a difference whether you want a full wig, or a smaller toupee or hairpiece. Look online and see some of the choices available. Once you have made your purchase, you will also need to buy a special tape to hold it in place, as well as other accessories that will help you care for it. Be sure you buy the proper shampoo and conditioner, too.  All these items are also available through the Amazon link, if you want to comparison shop.

Another website that advertises wigs for men is They, too, offer a wide choice of styles in an assortment of hair colors. They sell both those that are made of human hair as well as those that are made from synthetic materials. The prices I have seen on their website range from about $85 to over $300 … although there may be some styles that cost more or less.

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Here's A Gorgeous Style for Men!

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This is an example of the styles that are available for men from the Amazon website. If you want to check out other choices, simply click on the blue product name above and you will be taken directly to Amazon where you can use their search box to look for more selections. As you can see, Amazon has some hard to beat prices!