I was in my brother-in-laws bedroom the other day helping him with a computer problem that he was having when I looked on top of his dresser. It was a mess of items ranging from credit cards to watches, tie clips and pins as well as a plethora of other items that I could not even see since they were buried in a heap. Having just received a valet box myself not too long ago and resisting using it for as long as I could until my wife forced me to and then becoming a convert, I knew how much a valet box could help him. So expecting and prepared for some resistance I said "You know, a valet box could really help you clean up that mess and bring some organization to your life". Then I got the exact answer that I gave when my wife said the same to me a couple of months ago: "What is a valet box and why would I ever need one?" So here I am to explain to the masses what a valet box is and why every man needs one.

As an executive of a company I often need to dress up for client and company meetings. Being an executive, I am expected to dress the part (even thought I hate it) which means that I need to look good. Wearing a watch, nice cuff links, a tie clip and even a company pin is often a part of the attire that I am expected to wear in order to fit in with the crowd. Over time I have obtained quite a collection of these items and much like my brother-in-law, I used to throw them onto my dresser or in one of my dresser drawers in a big heap of a mess until my wife forced me to use a valet box that my mother-in-law purchased for my birthday.

A valet box is simply a men's jewelry box. I assume that if we called it a jewelry box, no man would ever use it no matter how helpful it was to their life. Although this sounds somewhat effeminate, I can assure you that a valet box is anything but feminine. Valet boxes are created with a man in mind and are usually made from a high quality wood or genuine leather. They are very simple, sophisticated and manly boxes that lack all of the frills and girly aspects of a woman's jewelry box. Valet boxes have all the space inside that a man needs to store his jewelry with spaces for watches, tie clips, credit cards, pins and other small items that men collect over time. Valet boxes usually have a lock with a key which provide additional security for items such as cash and credit cards that are being stored when not in use. Most importantly, valet boxes bring some organization to a man's life and help to protect valuables such as watches so they do not get scratched and dinged.

Although I was hesitant to use my valet box at first, I must admit that now that I have used it for a period of time that it has helped me tremendously with organizing my life. I no longer spend time searching for lost cufflinks or matching tie clips when I am in a rush in the morning. All of my unused credit cards are always stored where I can find them and locked away. Additionally, my watches and other items are continually protected in a proper manner ensuring that they will last a lifetime by being properly cared. This is important because in the long run it will ensure that I never have to go out and shop for another pair of cuff links or a tie clip as a replacement for on that I have lost or broken when I would rather be sitting on the couch and watching the big game on TV.