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First Impressions  

Dress for success is not an option; it is not a choice nor is it some luxurious stuff you can do without if you are truly looking to be successful in your career, business or social life. They say that first impressions do matter, but that is an understatement because in the business world, when you win the game of first impression, you have literary won half of the game. It doesn't matter whether it is a business meeting, a job interview, a social gathering, a corporate dinner or any other event. 

The thing is that you need to look sharp and you need to give an impression that you are not just another guy from the streets. According to a research published by Center of Professional Excellence, New York city, two thirds of professionals interviewed confessed that for one to get ahead, image is critical.[2] Also, there is a very interesting study carried out by Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2012[1] which showed that subjects who were treated by doctors in lab coats did better than those who were attended by doctors who did not wear the lab coats. So, what does this tell you? It tells you that when you dress professionally, people and clients will have more confidence in you and trust you more.

In essence, dressing for success means that you are unconsciously sending out a message of self-assuredness; a message of being in control and knowing what you want. Whatever the occasion is, you need to wear the appropriate clothing that matches with the occasion. It is understandable that it can get pretty confusing to choose the right kind of attire to wear and that is why there are plenty of professionals who can assist you get into the correct attire.

Dress for the Job You Want, Not the One You Have

Remember that when you dress appropriately, and according to the occasion, your self-confidence is boosted. Just imagine walking into an executive job interview wearing faded jeans and some shabby t-shirt, and everyone you meet at the venue is clad in smart professional suits. What do you think will happen to your self-confidence? What impression will you send out to others? They will begin to perceive you as a person who is not serious with his/her work.

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Never worry if you want to look professional but still want remain fashionable. There are many designers who have actually worked that out. Many people believe that being professional has got to do with being conservative and old fashioned in your clothing. Far from it! Being professional simply means that you are dressed for the occasion. The rest is your business. Indeed dress can be said to be equal to success. If you doubt this, try selling an insurance policy in a pair of shorts with a buggy shirt and a pair of dark shades to cover your eyes. The far you will get is to introduce yourself.

Dress Code

So, just where does a dress code start and where does it end? You see, we are talking about a complete professional here; not half or a quarter. That is to basically mean that everything from the head to the toe must resonate; otherwise, you might, unintentionally, make yourself look ridiculous. Men who are serious with their careers and business should not find it odd to invest in their clothing and mode of dressing, and it includes how you make your hair, the suit, the color combinations, shoe type, the sock, the belt, and not to forget the neck tie. All must rhyme. It is like a musical piece, where every key must be in the right place; otherwise, things will get out of tone.

This issue of dressing for success might seem to you as a simple thing but believe it, or not, it gives many men some headache. However, there plenty of designer shops available for you to exploit. It is also a form of investment if you let a professional work out on your professional wardrobe. Just as you invest in acquiring more skills, assets, and making connections, you must also invest in your wardrobe.

The simple truth here is this: that before people get to know what is in your skills or intelligence, they must be impressed with the way you present yourself. Let's just say that your outward appearance is the gateway to your inner appearance and people unconsciously believe so. 

It is not wise to assume that human beings act rationally. On the contrary, most of the actions are impulse. Human beings judge a book by its cover. Actually, there is not enough time to know someone fully other than the glimpse you get from them from the way they dress. Con artists know this and that is why they utilize that knowledge, so why should you not use the same concept for the good of your career and business? 
Just look around the work place, or any social place. Who is given the most attention? Who gets the respect? Who is accorded seriousness whenever he speaks? Is he not the one who is outwardly professional in terms of dress code?

In the work place, it is not just better to be noticed but it is profitable to be noticed than to be ignored. Just note that the moment people ignore the way you dress, they also ignore your presence, not to speak of your services and contributions.

Tips to Dress For Success

Here are some few tips to consider if you want to dress for success:

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1. Wear a solid color conservative suit accompanied by a plain shirt.
2. Wear moderate shoes preferable black, dark tan, red or brown in color
3. The hair should be short, well groomed and moderately styled
4. See to it that your perfume is also moderate. Also limit your jewelry. As a man, a wrist watch will do just fine.
5. Don't overdo the perfume, makeup, cologne or after shave
6. Your outfit should fit you perfectly, and you should feel comfortable in your clothing
7. Never leave the house without looking yourself in the mirror (chances are that if you like what you see in the mirror, others will also like it, and vice versa)
8.The neck tie should not come too short or too long

It important to bear in mind that if you overdo the way you dress, it will have just as much negative impact as it would if you underdress. Moderation is the key.  Make today and everyday a great day.  Lead that Level 10 Life. 

Dress for Success Can Lead to Success

I remember reading this book years ago and it has made all the difference in the world to me advancing in my career.