It is said that the hairstyle makes the man just as the clothing makes the man. Men hairstyles often are the first impression that someone gets when they notice, glance and look at a man. So men hairstyles need to fit the man and the man’s face also how he wants the world to view him. A well fitted hairstyle to the man will have people admitting you and the men hairstyle and you will be stared at.

Making a Statement with Trendy

If you want your men hairstyle for 2011 to make a statement then you might choose a wilder style such as an Emo or Mohawk with perhaps the tips colored red or purple or even a buzz on top. However the majority of men’s hairstyles will be trendy that may be long relaxed locks or perhaps spiked and short. Then there are the haircuts in the middle of the two.

Hairstyles that Qualify as Short

Generally a men hairstyle if short can look very business like but of course that appearance can change depending on how the hair has been styled perhaps using gel. A short haircut can make a face look younger or it can give a sophisticated look to the whole appearance. They make great summer cuts as they are easy care. Some men choose to wear bangs perhaps lying flat on the forehead in a sort of Caesar or Roman style. Styling bangs into a diagonal effect with gel up and sort of at the top of the head. Younger men may want to use gel and style the bangs straight up into the air or spiking it. Generally long bangs and short hairstyles don’t mix.

Middle Length Hairstyles

This hairstyle can go to the neat side or on the messy side. Neat means the hair stays in place perfectly perhaps looking like it is molded to the head. Messy implies a groomed head of hair which may be artfully tousled with the assistance of hair products which might include some form of hair paste. This product results in a less shiny look and one that is not as stiff looking as gel. Experimenting with hair products is the best way to make a good choice for what works for you.

Long Men’s Locks are Returning

Longer hair means spending more time taking care of the hair but some men don’t mind this. Generally when they sport longer hair it seldom hangs longer than shoulder length. If it does go longer it will be pulled in a tail that falls down the back. Bangs will be flat or on the sides if there are any at all.

Long Hair Care

Some people feel long hair is unprofessional but with the proper care it can look good on men. It must be clean and shining. With a professional haircut longer hair takes little care but does require regular trims to keep it looking good. Men hairstyles certainly can vary from short to long for 2011.