There is little understanding and compassion in the world today for men who desire growing feminine male breasts. Many people consider such men unhealthy and even unnatural. But we are beginning to understand that not everyone feels comfortable in the body they have been born into. Yes, the body you're born with is not always what you would have preferred if given the choice. It must be recognized that it takes tremendous courage to pursue your desires and dreams, and for some men one of their dreams is to have larger feminine male breasts.

Men Who Want Female Breasts

If you are one of those men who wants to pursue their desire for larger breasts, the time has come to quit dreaming of it and start taking action. For those who are still puzzled by such a dream, there are actually several reasons a man might desire larger male breasts. Perhaps such a man has a fetish which explains this longing, or yearns for transsexual breasts, or even seeks breast growth for cross dressers. We need not understand why this craving exists, but only how it is achieved.

Men desiring a larger bosom will be pleased to hear of a number of ways in which they may realize their wish. Options range from hormone supplement therapies which produce fuller breasts to actual breast augmentation performed by a surgeon. Each option is worthy of mention, but the fact remains that not everyohe will choose the same methods, as each of us is unique.

Although breast augmentation sounds straightforward, it actually has many weaknesses in addition to its strengths. A quite natural appearance can be attained by the surgeon if the breast is surrounded by an ample amount of tissue. But the implant must be inserted under enough flesh and above the breast plate to sit naturally, and the fact is many men do not have enough of this tissue crucial to a natural look in feminine breasts for men. Without the proper amount of flesh to be surgically placed above the implant, the appearance will not be at all convincing. It's a disturbing image, but the results produced might resemble skin tightly stretched over the top of sacks of fluid. This is of course not at all the look desired.

Attractive, feminine breasts may be achieved another way, through the use of natural supplements which stimulate the increased production of hormones which further encourage breast growth. The fact that this method does not require surgery, but is created by your own body under the influence of increased hormones, may pay off with more natural-appearing breasts.

There is another way to stimulate larger male breasts and it involves a special diet and massage used in conjunction with topical cream. In addition to breast augmentation and hormone therapy, this is another way to produce an attractive, female bosom. The diet, massage and topical cream combination seems to help most men get the look they are going for, although the results do vary from person to person. You do not need to remain flat-chested for the rest of your life -- good news for those who would like male breast enhancement. To find out which treatment option will work best for you, giving you a more feminine bosom, take action and do your research so that you may realize your dream.