Talking about fashion statements – is there a bigger one then men wearing high heels? Such and accessory is the sign of a brave and, in the same time, eccentric man. A very unusual choice, this type of shoes was made popular by artists like Prince or Elton John. Guys do that generally for two reasons: they are very creative, fashion forward persons, or they want to compensate for a physical defect – being too short.

 Men Wearing High Heels – Unconventional Now, But Common In The Past

The history of high heels for men starts hundreds of years ago. In ancient Fred Black And White High Heels For MenCredit: Amazon.comRome or Greece, men wearing high heels were actors – the height of the heel was use to underline the importance or the social status of a certain character. Also, men who had very dirty jobs, like butchers, to help them protect against blood and animal parts from the floor. High heels were a necessity back in the Middle Ages, both for men and women.  They were using heels made of wood attached to the shoes, to avoid the dirt from the streets. In time, the heels became fashionable and rich men wearing high heels were the rule, not the exception, until in the late 18th century. Now, these shoes are perceived as reserved for ladies. However, there are males that love wearing them – they should do it, without worrying about what other people think of them.

 Men Wearing High Heels – When It’s a Necessity

Men wearing high heels have different reasons for doing that. Sometimes, is a fashion statement or the celebration of an alternative lifestyle. Other times, is just a necessity. Being extremely short, for a man, is a huge stress and can be the source of many problems, especially public image issues. To solve this problem, males can appeal to shoes that have high heels. Not the kind of fancy, elegant high heels that women wear, but men’s shoes that simply have the heel higher thCapezio Mens Ben Shoe With A 1 Inch HeelCredit: Amazon.comen a normal pair. There are also therapeutic shoes that have only one heel higher, that compensate for a shorter leg.

 Men Wearing High Heels – Is That Socially Acceptable?

Men wearing high heels just to compensate for small stature or for medical reasons don’t have a lot of explaining to do about their unusual habit. The situation is very different when men simply choose to wear them because they love how they look. And, the higher the heel, the bigger the reaction that men gets. Fortunately, we live in a world where eccentric people are accepted in most social situation. If you are a men working in a big corporation, high heel sandals are not the kind of footwear you put on every morning to go to work. Let’s be honest now: sexy high heel shoes are not acceptable as a part of a business outfit for anyone, men and women included. So, if you are a man, you put your best pair of high heel pumps and you go to the office, you won’t get fired because men wearing high heels are not socially accepted. You are fired because you dress too sexy for office. The conclusion? Keep your shoes with taller soles for parties with friends and you are out of trouble.Capezio Mens Latin And Cuban Shoe With A 2 Inch HeelCredit:

 There Are Men Shoes That Come With High Heels Included

Leaving the jokes aside now, there is men footwear that has high heels. For example, cowboy boots. Take a good look to cowboy boots – most models have pretty high heels. So, next time when you feel like making fun of men wearing high heels, think twice. It’s actually very manly footwear.

 Men Wearing High Heels – Hot Or Not?

As stated before, high heels for men were fashionable in the past. So, it’s not impossible for them to be popular again. If men who wear them are hot or not, that’s a very personal