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I notice more guys wearing scarves these days.  Clearly, colder weather has something to do with this phenomenon.  Still, the scarves I’m seeing appear to be more fashion accessories than apparel worn to provide a shield from cold weather.  Maybe I’ve become more observant in middle age, but I doubt it.  I think men wearing scarves is more of a trend these days.

I have to admit to a distaste for a scarf wearing man.  For the longest time, I had no feeling about this type of apparel that was apparent to me.  My feelings changed with the movie Good Will Hunting.  In that film, an established, middle aged male professor was quite envious of the mathematical abilities of Matt Damon’s character.  In short, he was somewhat douchey.  He wore a scarf all the time.  I associated the scarf with a man trying desperately to give off an intellectual image.  He very much desired to always be the smartest guy in the room, yet this uneducated Boston kid could blow him away in the highest level of mathematics.

Maybe I’ve been unfair to the scarf, but we all have reasons for our feelings and at least I could label the reason for mine.  Perhaps I’ll evolve.  My impression of those with tattoos has evolved over time.  I used to be turned off when I saw them.  Probably the proliferation of tattoos among most everyone under forty has changed my attitude.  These days, seeing a young person without tattoos is more of a surprise than noticing a young adult without any which are visible.  Although I have no intention of getting any body art myself, I have no negative feelings anymore to those who do use their bodies for making a statement.  Here’s some guys I’ve seen wearing scarves these days.

Soccer ScarfCredit: Wikipedia commons - Strologoff

Soccer Guys

In general, soccer fans in urban areas appear to be a younger crowd.  In addition to their advertising emblem embedded jerseys, soccer fans also favor team scarves.  The soccer scarvesNeymarCredit: wikipedia commons public domain - checkbrazil http://www.flickr.com/people/31508001@N06 are long and thin.  The guys seem to love them.  For some reason, these scarves fit the context and are different from other sports fan apparel.  Maybe the differentness comes from the soccer fans themselves, they differ from the older beer swilling football crowd.  This group is younger and more fashion conscious.

I have no illusions about ever becoming younger and more fashion conscious, but I do notice those who are.  I’m curious to see whether older guys will copy them.  I suspect that some will, maybe after they’ve dyed their hair darker.

Mainstream Sports Commentators

Some of our television talking heads attempt to make fashion statements when they are broadcasting.  Many have an eye for fashion.  I’ve noticed a few “in studio” commentators wearing scarves.  The scarves aren’t loud and flashy.  They are dark and seem to blend in with the whole ensemble.  Even the athletes are getting in on the action.  Chris Bosh of the Heat approves the scarf as an accessory.[1]

I have trouble enough matching anything, so adding a scarf to the equation is too much for me.  Those with any sense of color and matching will no doubt have better luck.

HipstersGuitar playerCredit: Wikipedia commons - Julio Enriqez

I’m not certain if this is a positive or negative development, but male hipsters seem to be more of a scarf wearing group.  Hipsters want to be on the front end of fashion developments, yet it remains unclear to me if they ever are.  Could be that the scarf phenomenon will pass quickly if other folks see scarves as a hipster fad.[2]

I can't tell yet whether men wearing scarves as a fashion accessory will catch on enough for most of us to wear them.  For now, it is noticeable yet sort of isolated.  I don't have any of these in my closet yet, but no one copies my fashion ensembles either.

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