Men get yeast infections too. I know, pretty weird stuff. It's like when you learned what was really going on with tampons. You thought for years and years of your life that yeast infections were a womens game. And why wouldn't you? I have never seen an ad on television for a male yeast infection treatment and I doubt that there even exists one. It is for that reason that yeast infections in men are so terribly embarrassing. We're not even supposed to have them, it's like a dude getting breast cancer.

Regardless, they come, but they don't go. It's an imbalance in our natural flora in our crotch. In women, it's a lot easier for the virus to grow so they usually contract it first, and pass it on to a male partner without knowing. It is often mistaken for genital herpes because the symptoms are so similar. The skin around the head of your penis will turn red and become very agitated. If the infection works its way into your body, it can travel up your urethra and infect your bladder. You will then begin to notice unsightly and disgusting white/yellow discharge from your favorite organ. What's worse is that if left untreated, it can continue on and infect your prostate, which could result in you losing it or ultimately dying.

Getting rid of this nasty little pest is much easier said than done. Often, all the harsh chemical and biological treatments don't work on men yeast infections, or will work only for the treatment period. After probably 7 or 8 months of suffering with this incredibly embarrassing disease, I finally took matters into my own hands and started doing some serious research. The internet is a beautiful resource if you're looking for information about problems other people have had. I took what I learned from my experience and put it all on one page.

The male yeast infection really got the best of me and I want to help you get rid of it before it takes over your life.

Thanks for reading

Gordie Jones