Men are not the most verbal creatures we know. This doesn’t mean men are not articulate or they cannot speak, they simply choose not to. Men are not the most talkative when conveying their emotional states, outlooks or mindsets for a number of reasons. There are reasons why men do not share feelings with women.

Men communicate in many ways that may not always be verbal. They are silent or sullen when they want to say one thing and laugh or smile when they are saying something else. Even in the middle of a conversation about some hard truths they will physically communicate feelings and not talk about it. Men and women share feelings differently.

Physically sharing and not verbally sharing

The physical make up of men and women differs. Not only are men and women physically different creatures on the outside and inside, there are also disparities in how they communicate with each other. Women are verbal creatures. They will tell you why the sun shining makes them feel happy or why the sky being blue can make them have feelings of sadness. There is a discrepancy with women and men in communicating these same emotional states of being.

A number of men are physical in communicating without realizing they are so. They chop wood when they have hurt feelings or they will punch buttons on the remote control when they are sad. However, they choose to communicate they do so with the desire that women knew more about their feelings without having to convey them.

Men do not have the wish to share

Men don’t have the same wish to share their state of mind that women do. Whether the need to hold thoughts and ideas in comes from a chemical makeup of men or how they were nurtured as a child is a question that hasn’t been answered by science yet. There are different ways that men and women share feelings.

Men want women to know things, but they simply don’t want to tell them. Having to talk or relay feelings, moods, thoughts and other similar stuff makes most men uncomfortable. This discomfort is more than feeling a little squeamish. Numerous men get headaches, others sweat and some will even get physically ill with the thought they have to share their inner most thoughts and viewpoints.

Silence is golden

Silence is worth a thousand words in some situations and extremely right for a lot of circumstances. Silence is a stance to take to avoid hurt feelings or confrontations that should not take place for whatever reason. Don’t fault men for being who they are when it comes to verbalizing feelings and don’t be angry at someone for something they simply cannot give.

Be happy with what men can give

Men are better at stating their opinions, viewpoints and outlooks for a situation than supporting with feelings why they take the approach that they do. As women we may have to find satisfaction with what they can offer or give to communicate.

Although men are not the most verbal of the two sexes there are exceptions to the rule for men and women. There are also shades of gray between the black and white found at both ends of the verbal spectrum. Know that the way of behaving for sharing feelings says a lot about a person.

Verbally communicating feelings may not necessarily be something that a person doesn’t want to give. A person may not be able to share feelings with another person no matter how much they wish to. Finding different ways to share feelings differently can be a good thing.

Communication is very important to any relationship. Find ways to convey important information between each other no matter what to assure a relationship thrives.


women are more verbal than most men

women share more verbally