Start today! not tomorrow, next week or next month

Tips, Advises, and Steps on how to move on

It was just this morning when I received a message from my cousin saying that “that girl isn’t trustworthy, she just played with my brother’s feelings! She has another boyfriend back in manila!” Well obviously, another heart breaking story huh? Stories like this seem never-ending; each one of us must experience heart breaks to learn and be strong as they always say. But I don’t think that’s cool! A heart-break is still a heart-break; it’s just a feeling that no one wants to handle; it’s hard and stressful. I’ve experienced that myself too! It’s just unexplainable. I don’t know how but it affects your diet and even perspective in life. Most of the girls I know, (including me) have a hard time coping up after a break up; especially when that relationship is something that you’ve treasured like forever. Because of being sober, you’ll tend to loss appetite and seclude yourself into the social world making you feel more miserable. Every one of us have the ability to love but not all has the courage to end it. In the first place, why should you end it?

  1. 1.    Number one reason is that, it’s not healthy for you - some people just doesn’t know how and when to stop if the relationship they have doesn’t help them grow. Always remember that no one in this world is fully grown. Day after day we must learn and grow not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and most of all, spiritually.
  2. 2.    She/he doesn’t love you anymore - love! A feeling that mostly vanish just after a week or two. Funny but that isn’t love! That’s what we call infatuation. If you think you’re in love with this person, think twice or even thrice! You must be mistakenly infatuated with him/her or vice versa.
  3. 3.    He/she abuses you either physically or emotionally - abuse isn’t only based on how he hurts you physically. There are also so-called emotional abuse where he tells you terrible and dreadful words that would hurt your feelings leading you to insecurities and doubt your own confidence.

Those were just some of the reasons why you should end a relationship. They maybe shallow but if you love yourself, you will understand. Don’t ever think that they’re the ones right for you, because if they love you, they won’t hurt you. Be confident and move on! It may not be easy but it will be the best for you to do. Here, I will be sharing some of my personal experiences on how did I moved on after a horrible break up. You can follow them if you want to.

Don’t be afraid to cry; let all those tears out!

            They say that crying is being childish and coward; no it isn’t. Actually, crying is one way of being strong. You know you’re hurt so why not show it? Be true to yourself. If you feel like crying, let all those tears out and it may even make you feel better. But! Don’t abuse the act. It may be okay to cry but that doesn’t mean you’re going to cry over that guy for over a year. Don’t waste your time being a cry baby.

Fix yourself

Think about your bad habits or negative attitudes; he won’t leave you if there’s nothing wrong with you. Maybe you can try to improve them slowly until the time that yourself will be proud to say that I am who I am. Give yourself a time to be healthy, do what you enjoy doing even before he came into your life. On that way, you’ll realize how happy and contented you are even without him. Remember, before you met him you’re a wonderful creäture enjoying a wonderful life.

Go out, it’s not the end of the world yet

            So do you think they’re the only ones who have the right to enjoy? Of course not! You have your own world, own set of friends, and love ones. As for my experience, we belong to the same group. So, yes, that makes it even harder for me but I didn’t give up. I made another group of friends that will help me forget them and will help me to smile again. Go out with your friends and enjoy the day. Soon you’ll realize that it’s not hard to smile and laugh again. As time passes by, you’ll manage to go back to the old circle of friends where both of you belongs. Be yourself again and try to ignore him when he’s around.

If you love reading, read books that will boost your self-esteem or books that will help you move on with the break up

            Well that’s what I did before. I read more books and articles about break ups and bad relationships. With these articles and books, you will see that you’re not alone. Everyone experienced what you are experiencing now but they didn’t give up either. You are a beautiful creation, so why waste your time thinking about them? It will only make you jealous and insecure; instead, find ways on how you can improve yourself more. Show the world that you’re unique!