Romantic Getaway Spot in Northern California

Mendocino, California is a world away from the glittering chaos of the city. The place looks like it was plucked out of a Far West post card. Everything spells languid and pastoral living and maybe it is part of its soul. It is a place where you can escape to the romanticism of the old world.


The Inns and the Mansions

The danger in trying to describe the beauty of Inns or B&Bs in Medocino is that it will never be enough to accurately describe the beauty that the warmth of the Inns can bring. You can go to Agate Cove Inn where you can watch the whales, seabirds, the sunset and the merging colors of red, orange, yellow and blue on the horizon from their breakfast room. There is also the Little River Inn that is just a short distance from the golf range. The Pine Beach Inn is near the Jughandle State Reserve which makes it the ideal place if you are bound to visit Fort Bragg to hike, dine and shop. If you are going to do some diving, The Pine Beach Inn offers a paved walkway to the beach, unexploited stock and a diver clean-up station.

If you prefer a more luxurious stay, you can go to MacCallum House Inn & Restaurant. MacCallum Suites is a luxury mansion is probably the most exclusive mansion standing high and alone on a mountain that gives you a heavenly view of the town of Mendocino. It allows you the experience of seeing the town in its entirety. Each room is designed for royalty with a fireplace, a bathroom fit for a queen, complete kitchen, complete living room, breakfast and dining table, and complete entertainment system.  You will also have a private veranda.


The Water

You can experience and learn more about the 8-mile long Big River by taking the Big River Tour, Kayaking, or Canoeing. While the kayaking and canoeing is sure to stretch your muscles and get some exercise, the historical tour will not only tell you the story of the Big River but also take you to places where you can see more birds and other wildlife.


The Forest

Montgomery Woods State Park is where you will find the tallest tree in the world. Oddly enough, Mendocino seems to avoid hyping it but it is mostly because they want to protect one of the most important living things on this world. Montgomery Woods, is an 1142 acre State Reserve thirty miles east of the town of Mendocino. Here you will find trails to hike, jog and bike.


The Winery

A Mendocino vacation will never be complete without experiencing the pastoral wineries. Unlike other wineries in other counties, wineries here are built out of passion and not out of a desire to get into a commercial venture. It is this essence that makes the experience more pure and more sincere. You can also package your wine tour to a horseback riding session by the beach affording you of an experience you only saw in romantic movies of decades past.


The Food

There few counties in California that could own up to unique food and unique restaurant concepts. Mendocino has more than what is physically possible for you to visit in one-week vacation. The Mendocino Café serves organic food of international quality and they produce their own beans and rice. They guarantee that the food they serve are organic. They are raised in an organic farm in Covelo. They practice all natural procedures in raising their stocks. If you feel like cooking your own food, you can hop to Mendo’s Harvest Market that sells both organic and traditional items. They have the largest seafood selection on the North Coast. Moody’s Organic Coffee Bar is a place for the hip and geek. They serve organic coffee, offer their art gallery and havean internet café.


A vacation in Mendecino is impossible to fail. The place was built and is maintained with love and anyone who steps foot into this community will feel it. 


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