During menopause with the declining levels of the hormone estrogen you no longer have the necessary muscle mass to burn the calories in your body. This leads to menopausal weight gain, you need to lose weight and for this you need to eat right. The food you are consuming and the diet pattern that you have will result in fat accumulating in all the places you never wanted it to be. It becomes a battle of the bulge from there onwards. However it doesn't have to be that way, if you take the right steps to live a healthy life and go on a rigid exercise and dietary control.

Menopausal Weight Gain Help

This does not mean that you need to starve yourself and become like a super model thin person. Remember the too thin you become you can be more prone to fractures as you could also be having osteoporosis. If you are putting on those extra kilos it is perfectly normal in menopause. It happens because of the main hormones in your body declining day by day. While your main hormone which is Estrogen is sliding down so are the levels of the hormone testosterone that is on a landslide in your body.

If you thought that testosterone was only for body builders then you are totally wrong. This hormone is essential to convert all those calories into lean muscle mass. Without it you lose muscle mass and with it comes the sagging of the abdominal area flesh and the arms and thighs. Fat in the body redistributes itself, unfortunately settling your abdominal area which can be extremely annoying for a woman.

With the decreasing muscle mass your metabolism slows down and then the extra kilos that you gained simply won't budge. Increase your metabolism and drink more water so it will help by flushing your system. Now is the time to give up all the fast food, junk food and those colas that you consumed without restrictions. You have to and must cut down your fat intake. If you don't you will find that you will keep on adding more kilos and also bloating which makes you look three times bigger than your size.