I discovered recently, a simple drink that has changed my nights for good!

If you suffer the hot flashes and heat flushes of menopause, and are looking for any way to try and relieve them. Then here is one great idea. Soy.

Now before you go "yuk" I discovered this quite by accident. I had heard that soy products were suppose to be good for helping with the discomfort of menopause hot flashes, but didn't really put much thought into it, and am not a big fan of soy products.

I personally have trouble with regular milk, and had bought soy milk to use on oatmeal. I actually quite like the taste when it is heated up, but not plain in a glass to drink, and I actually make oatmeal for breakfast with soy milk. That probably equals maybe a cup a day.Menopause Hot FlashesCredit: amazon.com

But a few weeks ago, we were out with family, and the rest of the family wanted to treat themselves to a Starbucks specialty coffee. So off we went. Now, I personally don't drink coffee, so I tend to order black tea. But my hubby said, that it seemed kind of expensive for a bag and some hot water, why didn't I try something else, since the Starbuck board is absolutely full of choices? I did not want any sweet drink, like hot chocolate. The guy behind the counter, saw us pondering the list, and suggested a :"soy mocha". I thought, why not?.

I tried it, and loved it right away. It was not sweet, but was a hint of chocolate and coffee, in a hot frothy drink that tasted really smooth, complete with the cute design on top like they do on most latte's. I loved it! I then tried to copy it at home, and had one each day in the afternoon. It did two things for me. The protein in the soy, seemed to fill my stomach, which kept my appetite in check until dinner, and about 3 days after starting to drink these, my hot flashes faded. By a week, they were gone.

I actually didn't put two and two together, I thought they were just naturally leaving! But the next week, I ran out of soy milk for a couple of days, and drank tea instead, and by day 4, I felt the hot flashes coming back!

I ran out and got more soy, and continued having the cup at breakfast with my oatmeal, and the hot cup of soy in the afternoon. In my case, that seems to be enough to stop those heat waves!

This makes my husband very happy, because my heat waves, seemed to wake him up first!. So, if you are looking for something to try and ease those hot flashes, then give soy a try. You don't have to just drink it plain, use it to cook with, or have a hot special drink. But for me 2 cups a day, seems to be the magic number for keeping away those heat waves.

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